We were right about Amber Ray and her newly minted ex, Kennedy Rapudo

I don’t think it comes as a surprise to anyone that Amber Ray and her newly minted ex-boyfriend, Kennedy Rapudo have broken up. Actually, the only surprising thing about that development is the time frame. That was such a short-lived relationship that there can only be one explanation for why things played out as they did; she has made a business out of making men get social media clout.

‘Wameachana?’-Amber Ray And Her New Boyfriend Unfollow Each Other On Instagram, Delete Each Other’s Photos (Screenshot)

Think about it, there is no way that a man can possibly think it to be a wise idea to get involved with the trollop. No, really, there is not a man with two brain cells to rub together who would do more than enjoy a quick romp with Ms Makau (I think she never did take up Jimal Roho Safi’s name) given her reputation this is the only logical conclusion.

Amber Ray exposed by former BFF

But… See… Kenyan men *sigh* Kenyan men are a bit of a disappointment. Kenyan men worship the ground upon which Amber Ray walks. Why? Because they are unimaginative simps. Nah, really, Amber Ray’s derriere and above-average (cute) face is enough for a lot of Kenyan men to chase after her. And that is showcased by the fact that not one, but two members of the peanut gallery actually put their marriages at risk for a chance to call her theirs.

Amber Ray’s Ex Reacts To Her Break-Up With New Boyfriend (Screenshot)

We have already mentioned Jimal Roho Safi so at this point we have to introduce Zaheer Jhanda. A man whose wife cried bitterly about the fact that our dear socialite (is that even a word we use anymore or am I just around old heads too often?) was a cancer to her marriage and had even been moved into her house when she separated with her husband temporarily.

Amber Ray getting married?

I am truly not impressed by how Kenyan men handle side chicks because they actually try to make honest wives of them. But, we were ultimately right because it was here that we said that the relationship would be short-lived and it was. Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo have called it quits and we are happy that they did so amicably. Unless…

Amber Ray’s Boyfriend Defends Her Against Cheating Allegations By Her Ex (Screenshot)

Theirs was a business arrangement which saw her give him her clout so he could really grow his digital footprint and audience. In which case, then it was a brilliant strategy although not one that can be replicated often. Still, we have witnessed our esteemed businessman go from being an unknown entity to gaining some social capital and clout. Hell, his IG following ballooned so as far as he’s concerned it all worked out.

Amber Ray

That’s my story and I am sticking to it. I refuse to think Kennedy Rapudo, a man I do not know and have never even interacted with is stupid enough to have tried to wife up Amber Ray.

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