Krg The Don Vs Sailors: Where mentorship fails

Image: Sailors Gang and KRG the Don

KRG da Don and Sailors have a running beef that involves a rather peculiar genesis. You see, the two of them have some issues stemming from the fact that KRG attempted to mentor Sailors gang at the behest of the latter’s management’s behest. Shout out to Mwalimu Rachel for yet another intriguing clusterphuck involving Sailors.

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You see, according to the legends told on these streets, Sailors management decided to approach KRG for some mentorship for their surprisingly difficult young talent in the form of Sailors. And so a wonderful relationship was meant to have been struck. unfortunately, that is not what the fates had determined for these friends. Amor fati.


And when KRG determined that the only thing he was expected to bring to his mentorship was his resources, he flipped. And who can blame him, this was indicative of the fact that Kenyans do not quite understand what mentorship is all about.

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You see, if we are looking at what KRG claims to be bringing to the table, then we first have to take a keen ook at the Mwalimu Rachel led management team. It is rumoured that they approached him for mentorship. What does that exactly mean? Mentorship isn’t about the mentor. He/ she doesn’t need you. They are already established. Your mentor is meant to simply share their experience with you.

Krg The Don

It is only when you understand what mentors are meant to bring to the table that you realize that indeed, if the story is true, then KRG was justified in his anger. He probably thought he was bringing his acumen as an entrepreneur and as an established artist only to find out he was meant to finance the careers of your artists not signed to his label.

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Also, whomever is advising Sailors did them a disservice. They need to be looking for artists who have made it huge not only in Kenya but in East Africa because let’s face it, they are a big brand within the East African entertainment scene. Sailors needs to be linked up with Diamond or Ali Kiba or Nonini or Sauti Sol and Nyashinski to mentor them if they are serious about breaking out continentally. hell, even Nameless would have a thing or two to teach the rough lads.

KRG the Don

But then again, it really is telling as to why the split occurred. In Kenya, mentorship isn’t about taking a young person under your wings and teaching them the ropes. Mentorship has nothing to do with instilling value. It is about showing them how to steal. So young Kenyans have no value for mentorship. They hear about a mentor and think of a meal ticket.


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