“He was born purple in color and didn’t breathe for 5 minutes,” Frankie Just Gym It tearfully narrates son’s horrific birth experience (Video)

Image: Frankie Just Gym IT

Frankie Kiarie is a father of 3 boys, now well experienced in parenting but his first son’s birth turned out a total scare for him and baby mama, Maureen Waititu.

Narrating the different birth experiences he had with his three baby boys on his vlog, the fitness and nutrition consultant admitted Lexi ‘s birth was the most scary thing he has ever experienced.

Frankie Just Gym IT with his son

Being his first and only child at the time, Frankie would occasionally grow cold feet every time Lexi was out of his sight because he felt like his heart was just walking around and he literally had no control over it. It was like a heartbreak.

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It all spins back to when Lexi was being born. Turns out that during his birth, he went for a solid 5 minutes without oxygen.

He was born without oxygen and that was the most traumatic experience to me. I prayed for him every second.

Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu’s first son, Lexxie

During those 5 minutes, Frankie and Maureen were shaken, it hit a soft spot in them, scared that this delivery was not going to be a success.

We thought he was gone. Plus, he came out purple.

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Single parent, Maureen Waititu

Despite being 4 years since the traumatizing experience, Frankie still holds Lexi so dear to him and believes he is a delicate child. Recalling the happening of events on that fateful day, Frankie narrated;

When I was driving from the hospital heading home, just before Maureen and Lexi were discharged, I was in autopilot. I got into an accident because I was just driving and my mind was in a daze. Only thing I was thinking about was Lexi the whole time.

Frankie Just Gym IT with their two sons

As for Kai Kai, he was the complete opposite. A free spirit, jolly and Mr strong man.

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