Mike Mondo Opens Up About Past Toxic Relationship & Importance Of Co-Parenting

On their podcast “Untitled With Shiko and Mike,” Classic 105 presenter Mike Mondo and his girlfriend Shiko Nguru got candid about past relationships. Mike revealed he endured a difficult relationship for his children’s sake, admitting it became so toxic he contemplated suicide.

“The scariest part was even considering taking my own life as an escape,” Mike confessed. He found strength in his children, fearing they wouldn’t be cared for if he wasn’t there. “My only worry was my kids. Who would ensure they have everything?”

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Another concern was losing access to his children, particularly his secondborn.

“Would I still see them if we broke up?” He worried about the negativity surrounding breakups and labels placed on people.

Shiko Nguru then offered her perspective on co-parenting. She challenged the stereotype that single mothers intentionally prevent fathers from seeing their children.

“I know many single moms who prioritize their children having a relationship with their dads,” she said.

Mike Mondo’s relationships haven’t been on social media as often, but he has definitely had a lifetime experience.

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