Mr Seed saga: Baby trapping a man does not work

Mr Seed is the latest gospel artist to find himself embroiled in a sex scandal after one of his many paramours came out to reveal to the world that they are having a child together despite the fact that he is a married man, having held a traditional ceremony for him and his lady, Nimo Gachuiri.

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You see, his clande, a lady by the name of Sabrina came out to popular micro-blogger and gossip impresario, Edgar Obare to share her story. She basically wanted to garner pity and sympathy from people who she hoped would help pile on societal pressure on her baby’s father to perhaps even make him settle down with her.

Swabrina, Mr Seed’s side chick

Why do I say this? Because these are two consenting adults. These are two people who knew what they were doing is wrong and so they endeavoured to keep things secret. Mr Seed didn’t want his wife to find out. That means he should have used a condom. Sabrina didn’t want the world to know she is a homewrecker. So she hid her affair from everyone out of shame and guilt. She should have known a baby is a no-no in such relationships.

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And in such situations, not even Nimo Gachuiri is unblemished by blame. This is not the first time she has had to deal with rumours and allegations of her man’s infidelity. She needs to understand that she is with a high-value celebrity. Certain realities come along with the territory. Or she could end this nonsense and call it quits on her relationship.

Mr Seed, Nimo Gachuiri

And this saga is a very apt lesson for all the girls who think that getting pregnant by their man is what will win him over and make him leave their wife. This is a stupid gambit that never ever pays off outside of the men who were anyway going to make them their second wife. And I know Sabrina will argue this was an accidental pregnancy but when women have so much control and power over birth control with the numerous options, you have to be a fool to swallow the notion this pregnancy was accidental.

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As for Mr Seed, he needs actual male mentors who have achieved a thing or two, not just the randy gospel artists and producers who only care about sleeping with women. He needs mentors who are focused on pursuing their vision. Why? Because

“A man who lacks purpose occupies himself with pleasures.”

Mr Seed, Nimo Gachuiri
Gospel artiste Mr Seed with wife, Nimo Gachuiri

Once again I reiterate that the moral of the story is that getting a man’s baby will not make him leave his wife and marry you. That bullshit only carries in telenovelas and Nigerian movies. And we can already see Mr Seed begin to show which relationship he primarily wants to salvage. And just like that, Sabrina is about to embark on her own single mother journey.

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Men can love their partner and still want to scratch an itch and come back home to continue being a loving husband and father. Only foolish women choose to have a dalliance with such a man outside of being his wife and think that baby trapping him is a great idea.

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