Mr Seed has a ride or die wife in Nimu Gachuiri

Image: Gospel artiste Mr Seed with wife, Nimo Gachuiri

I’m not sure whether or not Mr Seed recognises it but it must be said that his wife Nimo Gachuiri truly is a ride-or-die. And this is something that we in public do not recognise often enough either.

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Everyone and their mother offered cries about wanting to meet a woman who is truly wife material but when we see one in the flesh we tend to look away either because as men we don’t know how to recognise them or as women we are ashamed that we are not who she is.

Mr Seed and his 2nd baby mama

Like with every other man, Mr Seed has his iniquities. Not only does he have different baby mamas, but he has been caught on one occasion being unfaithful to his wife. In terms of popular internet speak he is what would be called a Pookie or a RayRay. He is a man with very poor d-discipline.

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On the other hand his wife has shown time and time again to be a woman of admirable quality as she has not only stood by him despite his failings as a man but also goes out of her way to make him look good. Nimo Gachuiri understands that a high-quality woman is one who her husband would be proud to be associated with especially when dealing with his peers.

Mr Seed with wife, Nimu and son

The gospel singer was recently exposed by some of the women from his past specifically his two baby Mamas of being a deadbeat dad. A lot of onlookers and internet in-laws were quick to pa judgmental finger at him, shake their head and tut-tut their disapproval. But his wife chose to cover him and while we don’t know the hell that there was to be paid at home, what was clear was that publicly Mr Seed wasn’t attacked or chided.

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In essence, Nimu Gachuiri played her part in honouring and covering her husband and we can only pray is that he learns not to continue publicly humiliating his wife because she is an example of a woman who does not deserve the kind of humiliation he has put her through.

Mr Seed

It could be argued that like any other man Mr Seed is averse to monogamy and given his status it’s true but he does attract a lot of female attention however not only does he need to learn d-discipline he also needs to learn discretion.


We have said it here before but it bears repeating that like any other woman but one thing Nimu Gachuiri will not tolerate is going to be constant humiliation and that is what will ultimately break the camel’s back.

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