Why Ms Morgan and other single mothers deserve no sympathy

Image: Ms Morgan and OJ from Tahidi High

Ms Morgan, for those of you who do not know, was an actress on popular Citizen TV show Tahidi high which really set the Kenyan entertainment scene ablaze and gave us alot of the celebrities we currently have in the TV landscape.

Former Tahidi high principal Ms Morgan opens up about daughter’s deadbeat dad

She recently came out to roundly berate the father of her child wom she alleges is a deadbeat father and from where I am sitting, this is yet another single mother siply shopping around for sympathy and she really doesn’t deserve any.

Former Tahidi High Actress, Ms Morgan

Ms Morgan, whose real names are Angel Waruinge, said,

I am a single mother na sina bwana physical. Itakuwa aje nikiwa so selfish niache huyu mtoto peke yake? That is not the kind of family set-up I was brought up in.
Achana na baby daddy. Sitamwongelea vibaya but he is not there and he is not in the picture. I avoid talking ill about him since his blood runs in the blood of my daughter
I have a brother, a dad and so a man figure doesn’t have to be a dad. Those are enough people who can stand with my daughter and I can struggle with my daughter. Ntamfikisha mahali atafika. She is the biggest inspiration after my mum.”

And I am here to say we do not have to give her any sympathy. Why you ask? Because Ms Morgan chose her circumstances. And I am about to tell you how and why.

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For starters, we have to acknowledge the fact that she chose to be involved with a married man as his clande. And yeah, you read that right. She knew she was involved with a married man and chose to carry on. And perhaps she was unaware at the beginning but by the time the child was coming, she was well aware.

And yet, with that knowledge, she chose to ignore the reality of her situation, got pregnant and now is blaming a family man for not abandoning his family for her. But wait, there’s more.

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Apparently, the father of her daughter gave her the option of him raising the child together. I get it, there is a cultural split here. Ms Morgan is from the Kikuyu people who are matriarchal and the children belong to their mother but she has revealed her baby daddy is from Western Kenya and is that side of Kenya has people who are patriarchal and the children are the father’s.

However, she was told by the father of her child that he wanted to live with her and raise his child within his household as one of his children and give her the advantages his children enjoy. She refused. Yet she is here casting aspersions on the man involved.

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For starters, Ms Morgan never gave any thought to the differences in culture but some how, all the responsibility for how things turned out are her partner’s fault?
Issa firm no from me dawg!

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