Mulamwah’s Heartwarming Reason for Choosing a Nursing Career

Mulamwah, a bright student who scored an A- in his KCSE exams, had plans to pursue a college degree with three dream courses in mind. The Kitale-based comedian recently shared how his father influenced his decision to become a nurse during an appearance on the Mic Cheque Podcast.


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“Initially, I didn’t select Nursing as my first choice. I had very good marks, an A-,” Mulamwah said. With three preferred courses already chosen—engineering and piloting among them—he was unsure about the last one.

“I had one slot left, so I called my dad to ask what I should pick for the final slot,” he recalled. His father’s advice was pivotal. “He told me to pick Nursing because he is a clinical officer and said it has a good market abroad. So I chose it for fun.”


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Unexpectedly, this turned out to be a brilliant choice. “The government assigned me that course. I completed the full degree and did my internship at Kenyatta,” Mulamwah explained, adding that he even got a paid internship in Nairobi.

Eventually, Mulamwah decided to quit nursing to pursue a career in comedy, but his journey into the medical field was a significant chapter influenced by his father’s wise counsel.

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