Presenter Ali’s wife describes a slap from high school that left her ear damaged.

Content creator and YouTuber Presenter Ali’s wife, Medina Makena, has opened up about a traumatic incident from her high school days that continues to affect her to this day.

She recounted an incident where a routine search for phones by their CRE teacher led to her being falsely implicated as a suspect. Despite not having a phone, her name was written down as one of the suspects, leading to a series of events that changed her life.

Medina described their school director as a formidable figure who, after no one came forward voluntarily, proceeded to call out the list of suspects. To her shock, her name was among them, despite her not owning a phone until she was in college.

After being subjected to caning, Medina recalled receiving a slap from the director that resulted in a severe injury to her ear, causing her eardrum to burst. She described the pain as excruciating and recounted seeking medical attention immediately after, with doctors confirming the injury and requiring her to undergo regular check-ups.

The incident left a lasting impact on her life, preventing her from engaging in certain activities like swimming due to her ear not fully healing. Medina revealed that she kept the incident hidden from her mother until after completing high school, emphasizing the ongoing struggle with her injured ear.

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