Ruth Matete’s husband’s untold strange character that left her thinking she married a mad man

Ruth Matete prayed for a husband, one she got but way beyond her expectations. Having laid him to rest just yesterday, the singer’s father could hide no more the late Belovedjohn’s unusual character in the dead of the night.

During his speech, Matete’s dad, Mr Abel Amunga narrated how his son-in-law would wake up in he middle of the night to say a prayer and not for Kenya, but for Korea and Japan.

Warring nations, very distant from the African continent but countries that a dear Pastor John would intercede for in his night prayers.

Ruth Matete with husband Belovedjohn Apewajoye

This came out as unusual because the standard way of thinking has been; you must be waking up to intercede for someone close to you – could be a relative, could be a friend but Belovedjohn was an exception.

Last night, my daughter was telling me, this man would wake up in the night and pray for Korea and Japan. How many of you just pray for Pakistan? It sounds weird. What we pray for is, for family members, church members, business, wife, husband…period! This man used to pray for Japan in the dead of the night.

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Ruth Matete with her dad, Abel Amunga

For this peculiar behavior, Matete was worried she married a mad man.

Ruth thought she was married to a mad man. Yes. He was spiritually mad. I celebrate this man. That’s why I cannot wait to see him.


The singer’s husband was laid to rest during a difficult time with all these Covid-19 restrictions in place but Mr Abel believes he warrants a more deserving send-off.

Ruth, later, after corona is behind us, we shall organize for a big memorial for this man, even if it will be at KICC or kule stadium, we shall organize. This man has to be celebrated. This man was a dancer, a singer, a fiery preacher, this man was an intercessor.

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Pastor Belovedjohn

Wrapping up:

I have never called him my son-in-law, he is my son. I have never had a son, he is my son. He is the first person who has made me be called, a father-in-law and a grandfather. Ruth congratulations!

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