Singer Marya gets real about suicidal thoughts

They say depression goes hand in hand with suicidal thoughts and yet again – another celebrity just confirmed this is true following her experience with mental health.

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Singer Marya

Well, chokoza hit maker Marya who was popular back in the early 2010 to 2015 recently opened up about her past; in an emotional interview with Mungai Eve where she disclosed unknown details – including a time she got suicidal.

According to Marya, she couldn’t imagine life as a single mum now that her husband Kevo had opted to walk out on her. To her, this kind of life was nothing but a struggle that would hold her back; and being a mum – she also didn’t want her baby to live a life where he would watch his mum struggle.

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For this reason, her depression pushed her into thinking that ending both her life and that of her son would bring peace in their lives. She narrated this saying;

Marya with ex, Kevo

I wanted to commit suicide and kill my child. Where do I start from as a single mum?

No savings

From what I can tell is that Marya’s worry was mainly financial. I mean she confessed to having not saved from her glory days back when she did music and after her call center job in Dubai she still remained broke… but with a wealthy baby daddy.

Speaking about the money she had made from back in the day, Marya all of it went to waste and never got the chance to save…simply because she was young.

I had a lot of money when I was young so wanted to live the fast life. At only 22, I would get Sh 100,000 or Sh 200, 000 but would not save any of it. We never had the guidance on how to manage the finances,

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