Akothee shares reasons as to why she has no female friends

Singer Akothee is not shy to admit that she is a loner. Unlike your usual female celebrities rolling around in group of friends – Akothee says she likes to roll solo and this is because she understands how friendships between females work.

Well – speaking from previous experience, the singer revealed that having female friends is a bomb; it can be fetal, unpredictable and once it goes off – things just become ugly. Doubting her? Ask Huddah what happened after she started making more money than her friends…they poisoned her.

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For this reason, Akothee through her gram explained why you will never catch her with female friends – even if it meant that life depended on it. She wrote;



When they start as friends they become very open to each other,open their hearts and pour out their hearts to each other! Their emotions lie to them they are in love with each other ???? When they realise the other persons have more than what they have ! Mrs JELOUSY ” AKA competition gets its way INN ” ????They forget that, everyone woman have different strengths capabilities and different up bringing, different calculations, origine and destination ???? every woman has a different way of seeing things.

Competitive beings

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From what life has taught her is that women will always have some jealousy hidden somewhere in their hearts; however what many don’t understand is that they all can’t be equal. She explained her point using breasts as example saying;

Akothee with the only besties she trusts

we can’t All be equal and it has never happened and will never happen! Women should understand the narrative of Breasts???? ????Some are round ,some are “yago”, some are huge some like nipples , some are standing ovation some are onto your marks ????
But hey ! they All qualify as Breasts ,and met have different taste of them.

Also having seen what happened in Young, Famous and African, I guess you can clearly see why Akothee prefers keeping to herself; instead of surrounding herself with women rooting for her downfall.

Any woman competing to be the Number one woman of All women is making A fool of themselves! There will always be another woman doing other things you ain’t capable if doing . In short we all have different strengths so Stop BEING THE PREFCT IN THE CIRCLES OF YOUR FRIENDS,
As A woman ,don’t hesitate to walk out of a group of friends that make you feel small. RUIUUUN  GOODMORNING

Akothee and Zari Hassan´s untamed public rant lights up the Internet [videos]

Zari Hassan and Akothee have decided 2019 has shown them enough pettiness and have now called out on ladies who are nothing but backstabbers of fellow successful women.

In short clips, the two Boss ladies clarified what the wrongly used term ´mala*a´ actually means.

Kila mtu ni mala*a; kuna wa VVIP, wa street, wa corporate, wa economy na business class, kuna wale wa ploti na nyumba, wa beer na nyama choma na kuna wale wa DM. Usiletee mwanamke yeyote stress ya 2020 ati ooh mtu ni mala*a. 2020 naomba tuheshimiane.

According to them, everyone´s mother is a mala*a because we are all products of sexual intimacy anyway.

You are using s*x to put down another woman. You self, you don´t even know who fathered you. Go argue with your keyboards.


Akothee goes ahead to blast women who have the audacity to shame fellow women online, but lack the courage to even take a selfie on their camera, let alone stand before the mirror.

I beg you that 2020 respect people´s families. And stop taking families as your topic of discussion.

Akothee went ahead to bash individuals who are out just to acquire content for their online platforms in return for viewership and likes, for nothing but rumors.

Women is about empowering another woman. If you can´t empower another woman, don´t try and hurt her. And don´t use another woman´s family as your online content.



No lie 2019 must have served Zari bitter herbs that left her internally bruised especially emotionally and she has decided she is not sparing anyone this time.

Same topic of discussion but what she calls ´Part 2´ Mama Tiffah called out:

Part 2. Sisi sio malaya, wala, that was an example for you to stop calling everyone malaya
Women are struggling to raise children single handedly in this 21st century and all you can say #Malaya!!!!! Really? Come on now, y’all can do better.


She fails to understand what has taken over humanity to disregard the fact that we are all human and each of us faces their own kind of challenges and struggles – which everyone should respect.

Everyone is facing challenges and struggles. Respect people’s lives before you go ‘ for more info about Zari subscribe to my YouTube channel, what channel? One selling lies for likes and follows. Hope u rot in hell)

And for those busy calling other women ´mala*as´ then it all started with their clans. Simple.

And if the women are malayas, what do you call your dads, brothers, uncles, nephews etc who buy? it all starts with your family members. So your clan is malayas too.
Stop it!!!!!

The two BFFs must be irritated by women who are out just to tarnish another woman´s name and reputation, as if they are saints.

Mixed reactions

There is that portion of fans that hailed the two boss ladies for a job well done while others could not resist the laughter.

Kuna malaya wa EMIRATES na malaya wa FLY DUBAI ????????????????????


Bosslady Queening as always ????????




Mama kumekucha Amkeni Amkeni ???? ???? ???? ????


My ladies????????????????????


???????????????? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Zary ❤️❤️


???????????????????????? Loh huu mwaka haugawanyiki karibu 2020


???????? perfect


Strength of a woman.


Wanaona jealous…you are beautiful ladies earn money kids should be raised well if they are not giving enough search enough for you coz you are used to use much $$$$$$


Perfect truth so fact ????




Zari’s message to those hating on Akothee after bagging Best Female Artist at AFFRIMA awards

So word making rounds on social media is that Akothee has been receiving negative comments from fans who think her makeup artist failed her with her AFFRIMMA face beat.

Not that this is a big problem to madam boss but being one who likes to speak her mind; Akothee went on to respond saying she did her own makeup and is not sorry about it either!

She went on to write saying;


I DID MY OWN MAKE UP NOW COME BEAT ME ,BUT I AM HOLDING POSITION EAST AFRICA QUEEN 2019 ???????????????? if I waited for the professional make up artists I would have missed my 6minutes performance ???????? which one is more important?l????‍♂️????‍♂️???????????? , Because you all know how beautiful I am with or without make up???????????????? My friend if you are pretty ,you are pretty ❤ I had to do what I had to do ???????????????? You all talking about make up ????‍♂️no one is seing my red Expensive red dress from #guess, stop diverting from the topic and congratulate me for 2019 Job well done ,witchcraft started like this ???????????? even a donkey works hard and has never slept inside the homes he helped the owners built. Forget about buying a sandle ,a donkey is still loyal to his master .#DEEP Rollam is ahit thank you @afrimma and ❤❤❤ for my fans, go tell your family Akothees home coming crowning of the year will be announced shortly ❤❤❤❤❤????????????????????????
NOT BEST MAKE UP ARTIST (stop making noise and type congratulations ????????????????????????

Zari’s message

Her close friend Zari Hassan has also gone ahead to tell off haters for being petty and focus on what is important. The mother of 5 also couldn’t help but congratulate Akothee in a post where she wrote;

Sorry pple, there was no position for Best make up artist. It was BEST FEMALE ARTIST AND THE PRESIDENT OF SINGLE MOTHERS @akotheekenya TOOK BEST FEMALE EAST AFRICA Afrimma 2019. We live for achievements not make up