Cebbie Nyasego accepts Akothee’s apology but……….boundaries!

We all have that one sibling that gets on our nerves every now and then – but because they’re family – you can’t get rid of them or create more tension and I’m guessing this is what Akothee and Cebbie’s relationship looks like.

Akothee with sister, Cebbie

The two made this clear after their private affairs came to light…thanks to Akothee who outed her beef with Cebbie during a live session – a move she now regrets especially since it was done while angry.

From the live it seemed that Cebbie and her mum had ganged up against Akothee…who on the other hand couldn’t shut up on how she has helped her family – yet they still pick on her…but again – helping someone doesn’t necessarily mean you own them, to a point where you boss them around, forgetting they two have feelings. Right?

Cebbie accepts Akothee’s apology shingo upande

Well after the whole scandal guess who finally decided to eat the humble pie….yes Akothee who aplogized to her sister Cebbie for the drama….reminding her that they are blood but judging from the response she got – I don’t think this relationship will ever be the same.

You see, there is a way you can tell a person’s feelings from they express themselves on paper or word of mouth. And in this case to have Cebbie reply to anapology with;

Good morning.

Lemme put this here, I’m unable to reply to all the messages.

1. I appreciate your efforts of reaching out to me.

2. I also acknowledge with lots of Grace and humility that you genuinely pray for me and my family.

I thank everyone who takes their time to pray for my union. Marriage is sacred and fragile. I don’t take it for granted

Proves that indeed she is either fed up with her sisters shannigans or isn’t about to allow negative energy around her again.

But…. what’s better than choosing your own piece of mind? Nothing.

Again….seeing Akothee is now beefing with bloggers for writing negative stories about her – it only shows that she never takes blame for her actions….might be same…same case to thst of Cebbie.



Cebbie Nyasego defends sister, Akothee from man mocking singer for her failed marriages

Just like weve been told mambo ya watu wawili ni ngumu, i guess it also applies to family that is judging from Cebbie’s latest reaction to a fan trolling her sister, Akothee.

Okay by now you all know theres bad blood between the sisters – but this does not mean they will let the public insult or mock them without defending themselves or even each other. And unfortunately for one, Gordon Opiyo he had to learn that blood is thicker than water after he decided to shame Akothee for having married so many men – and still remains single.

The fella through his Facebook page shared a collage photo of Akothee with her exes to which he captioned;

Legend Akothee introduces “Omondi” the 7th man she is marrying. We wish her well in her 7th marriage and say, ‘who are we to judge?

Family over fans

A caption that did not sit so well with Cebbie – who innreturn decided to hit back at Gordon with facts about her big sister. Responding to the guy following his judgemental statement on Akothee’s body count…Cebbie hit back with;

Akothee with sister, Cebbie

I don’t know about the 7th man you are talking about.But, even going by the same pictures you’ve used, I only see her Ex Husband of the 3 girls, the father to the 2 Boyz ,Nelly and the current one. The rest are video vixen which by common sense alone can’t be included.

And in case you thought that the sisters dont support each other, Cebbie made it known that;

Lastly, Akothee, unlike some other women, decided to take charge of her life and refused to lose hope of what she believes in. Not everyone can but doesn’t mean they won’t given a chance.

Mmmh maybe Akothee should rethink her decision on not attending Cebbie’s wedding…clearly theres true sibling love between the two.

“Ukona private jet, ama uta gate crush?” Cebbie Nyasego drops major wedding hint as she picks out magical venue

Weuh. At this point i think some of us are just existing but then again….it’s never too late to achieve your heart desires. I mean look at Akothee’s story from grass to grace and now her youngest sister Cebbie Nyasego talking about private jets despite having it rough back in the village!

Cebbie Nyasego with fiance, Steve Ogolla

Anyway Cebbie Nyasego has lately been making headlines due to a few family issues here and there; and thanks to the same issues – we bloggers found out she will be walking down the aisle in December, something we all can’t wait to witness.

With that said, looks like Cebbie Nyasego has shared her wedding location – that is judging from her caption where she wrote;

Uko na private jet ama uta gate crush kama chameleon?


And i am thinking….okay, is she saying what i think she is saying or is she marketing one of her properties? But again, with her sister Akothee saying she wull not be attending the wedding, is Cebbie proving she is doing just fine on her own?

Cebbie hints at wedding venue

Well – who knows? But truth is….money is very sweet but the Swahili people say pesa na mali ndio mzizi wa fitina katika familia zetu.….and look, we have the perfect example here.

“Papi you are the hope I anchor my life upon” Cebbie Nyasego celebrates fiance as he turns 40 years

Cebbie Nyasego has been living life on her own terms and although there are rumors claiming she has been bad mouthing and gossiping sister Akothee; the lady has maintained her cool and remains low key on her family issues – which leaves me wondering…. whats really going on between the two sisters?

Cebbie Nyasego with fiance, Steve Ogolla

Anyway as we try figure out whether its jealousy or just roho chafu – all i know is that they’re both very public about their current partners – and so far, looks like its a competition on who is more in love. Wueh – ile kazi iko, haitaki uvivu.

Well, with that said – Cebbie this past weekend celebrated her fiancé, Steve Ogolla’s birthday with a loving emotional post where she poured out her heart to him saying;

 Papi ❤️ “Forever ” began the day our paths crossed. Even though you don’t miss an opportunity to show me off, and say how lucky you are to be with me; Every single moment, I thank The Good Lord, for having kept you for me.


Truly, you are my desire, dream and Love. You are the hope I anchor my life upon, and together we go. When you stop, I’ll also stop. With you, this journey is so beautiful.

I choose you

From what she says is that put of everyone she as met or has dated – Steve Ogolla has truly proven to be the one created for her.

Akothee’s youngest sister with fiance

Cebbie Nyasego who is Akothee’s youngest sister went on to shower praise on her fiance saying;

I wouldn’t have asked for something different from this. And When I look at you, I can say what love looks like. May this birthday bring Peace, tranquility, blessings and may God restore and fulfill your life together with family. Lord hear us. Happy Birthday, Wuod Alego. Happy Birthday, Osiepna. Happy Birthday to my all-time cheerleader.

But seeing that Akothee or any of her daughters were not present for event leaves us convinced that the beef is still ongoing.

Why Akothee will not be attending her sister’s wedding in December, she spills tea

Akothee says her famiky has been stressing her with issues for months but in December 2021 she decided to cut off people bringing negative energy around her Aura.

Well, among the people she cut off are younger sister, Cebbie Nyasego and I strongly believe ex boyfriend, Nelly Oaks found himself in the mix too. Speaking during a live session on her gram, Akothee left many of her fans surprised by her confession – exposing her family for ganging up against her – yet she has no problem with anyone.

While on live, the singer let it slip that due to bad blood between her and Cebbie Nyasego – she will not attending small sister’s wedding set to happen in December. A hurting Akothee was heard saying;

We are having another event in December which I am also happy about. I am so happy. From the bottom of my heart, I mean well. The only thing is I was not going to go to that wedding anyway because me and my younger sister have not been in good terms for close to a year now, maybe you do not know. I haven’t said she is evil but I packed my bags out of that relationship.

She gossips me alot

As if that was enough – Akothee went on to clap back at her sister who allegedly claims the singer never defends her whenever dragged by tabloids or comments from fans.

Akothee with sister, Cebbie

To her, she has no control over such matters especially when Cebbie Nyasego is the one doing the gossiping. She said;

Again, another message landed on my table that my sister said that I don’t defend her when you people are attacking her. Please, I am human, I don’t know how I’m supposed to defend my young sister. She is the one who was gossiping me somewhere for reasons I don’t know then this thing went viral. This internet will kill me. Please delete those things. She was lying, she accepted she was lying, now delete it, it is not her.

And in conclusion – the mother of 5 begged fans to quit trolling her sister and Nelly Oaks – since the blame is landing on her.

Today I have asked for forgiveness on her behalf, please leave me alone I beg you. Don’t drag my younger sister on my wall, don’t attack Nelly Oaks, please let these people live their own lives. Please let me live my own life too,”