“I have never felt like this my entire 40 years” Akothee cries after finding true love in young mzungu boyfriend

Akothee is in love and whether you like it or not she is not about to keep her mouth shut just because Kamati ya Roho chafu is watching and hating on the side lines….and since most of yall cant enjoy love with this bad economy – i guess mapenzi mtaionea kwa Akothee social media pages.

Akothee enjoying birthday vacation

Well, days after sharing a cute video spending time with her mzungu…wait the video was something like a music video where the young man is seen chasing after Akothee while on the beach at slow motion he carries her, spins her around before they fall on the sand….and the whole time I am watching the clip – I’m thinking kwani Akothee ameadd weight, ama huyu muzungu hana nguvu. But all in all they looked so cute, right?

Days later Akothee has shared an intimate photo while in the company of her new man to which she captioned;

6.8.2022 in Alba Italy never felt like this mu entire 40 years. Allow me to enjoy myself

Love is beautiful

Although Akothee has found herself¬† the perfect man – young, husband, Caucasian I bet she can now start planning for another child – that is if she isn’t already expecting her 6th child who she said would be from sperm donor.

Anyway I guess this is the only time most of her ex boyfriends might end up getting bitter…I mean have you seen her man?