“I dint know you could step into 2020 due to your health” Akothee’s moving letter to her daddy!

Singer Akothee is quite blessed to have a man like her old man as her daddy! This past weekend the mother of 5 went on to praise her dad in a well detailed post on her Instagram page.

Akothee with her daddy

Akothee went on to reveal that her dad taught her the hustles of life and for this reason she continues to see him as her role model; and that is why nobody she doesn’t look for inspiration from anybody else’s dad! She went on to write saying;

The gift you gave me has taken me places , thank you for being my role model , I don’t look up to anyones father , you are my everything, and that’s why I keep, I try to keep relationships with my baby daddies ,so that my children don’t look upto other people’s fathers as their role model, As a mother , I will always make sure I swallow my pain and allow my children enjoy their fathers ( sometimes they crush me, they thwart me ,make me fry dozens of onions????????????) but you know what , ,they won’t kill me ????.

Singer Akothee also went on to make it public that her dad and mum did not get along thanks to his music career; that contributed to him being a polygamist! The lady went on to write;

Baba Akothee

I rise above the pain and my children’s interest comes first! I know my mom dint get it easy with you too Dad; and especially that you were a musician ????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️. That woman has a story to tell too , but she stuck by you to see us grow. I miss dem days that you took us shopping, brought food with Landrover at home; we never bought meat ,we slaughtered animals.

Invested in his children

Despite it all, Akothee says her father invested in his children by taking them to schools and teaching them discipline. After so many years of keeping his family comfortable; Akothee now says that it is his turn to be taken care of by his children! His health has however been  deteriorating and for a minute Akothee thought her father wouldn’t make it to 2020. She went on to conclude by saying;

My mothers never knew one way to the supermarket, you invested well in your children. From education to upbringing, we were all equal ,dispite you being a polygamous man. I will always climb mountains to see you happy , I dint know you could step into 2020 due to your health; but now see how strong you are AJOS TINGA . I WILL ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU ARE WELL TAKEN CARE OF JOSY @joshuaowinokokeyo

Akothee celebrates her dad’s 81st birthday in style

Singer Akothee early this morning woke up to announce that it’s her dad’s birthday. The father of 20 children marks his 81st birthday as revealed by his daughter’s today.

The singer shared a photo with her old man, Ajos Tingana where she celebrated him for being the best dad she could ever ask for. Akothee went on to praise him saying that despite being an orphan he ended up being one of the most successful men in their village.

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Her daddy, Ajos Tingana so far has 20 children and has given each one of them the best life he could afford. Through her Instagram page Akothee wrote saying:

Ajos tingana is turning 81 years old today, my father grew up as a total orphan , he ended up being the most succesful man in our village & a responsible father of 20 children , we all went to the best schools , from him I learnt that being an orphan is a status and not a condition , we can all make it in life if we embrace our past appreciate our present as we focus in the future , help me wish a jos tinga motii , jaber machon , ajos Magunga A HAPPY BIRTHDAY ,( Ajos , amanynie slay queen moro ichor go ndalo osiepna ????) transl, after all, you are 6 years older than my fiancy ??, slay queen nyale pare ) my mum is not on facebook she will kill me if she reads this ?? HAPPYBIRTHDAY DADDY . I love you.

Akothee’s fiancé

In the post the leader for the first time admitted that her fiancé is 75 years and despite their age difference, she cannot complain since she is living a comfortable life.