Annitah Raey reveals why she remains grateful for her baby daddies

Annitah Raey must be the coolest woman ever that is judging from her latest posts where she talks about her baby daddies. Yes, not just one but maybe two who she has kids with but following the usual relationship problems – she ended up with neither of them, something she’s not ashamed of.

Annitah Raey with former bae

Well, I say this because Annitah Raey handles herself like a man. This woman is not only courageous in many ways but is the type that makes men uncomfortable. Like ‘utado?’ kinda person….so might also explain why she’s been single for a while now.

Anyway, despite parting ways with the fathers of her kids, Annitah Raey work up this morning and decided to reveal why she’s grateful to see yet another day…and from her posts…it’s because of her exes.

Beautiful blessings!

Without them Annitah Raey says she’d never earned the name ‘mum’ a name that every young woman looks forward to being called in future.

Lord thank you for my baby daddies…I would not be a mother without them. And I wouldn’t have my amazing kids????

According to Ms Annitah Raey these men changed her life when they made her a mum. I know it’s not everybody who can relate with Annitah’s feeling especially judging from how (some) bitter single mums view their kids as ‘baggage’ after getting dumped by those responsible.

But with Annitah Ray, things are different – unlike your bitter baby mamas – she prefers maintaining the friendship.

Annitah Raey on to DJ Creme De La Creme after wife allegedly dumped him for wealthier man

One thing about Annitah Raey is that she is always real. Probably a-bit too real that it makes most people uncomfortable; and in this case, let’s talk about her latest move on DJ Creme who recently got dumped by his wife.

Well, thanks to a new post shared by Ms Annitah; we have every reason to believe that she has been eyeing single DJ Creme; and to prove this – the former radio presenter shared a post with the DJ’s photo to which she captioned;

Hey Zone man..
Love you deep ????????❤️❤️❤️
Esko 4L ????

Annitah Raey eyeing DJ Creme

Yasss Annitah Yass! Well making a move on the DJ would might have made some men uncomfortable on social media; but remember the ratio between men to women is quite low; so why not make a move when an opportunity presents itself?

Annitah Raey love life

With most people calling her out on her ‘loose’ behavior despite being a mum; Annitah was forced to turn off her comments – but common on can’t lady look at a man with googly eyes?

Annitah Raey’s former bae

Anyway, so far Annitah Raey has always proven to be a fisi (for the lack of a better word) and now that DJ Creme feels that marriage is scam; mommy is ready to welcome him back to the streets and from the look of it – Annitah loves it!

But again, could be that the two are just friends and nothing more?

Annitah Raey Begs For Employment Just Months After Quitting Radio Job, Narrates Health Struggles

Content creator and radio personality Annitah Raey has opened up on her struggles after quitting radio job in October last year. To begin with, her health has been diminishing. The former Hot 96 Radio presenter is not feigning illness and has been struggling for weeks. After quitting her radio job, things haven’t gone very well for her.

Her reason for quitting was due to a toxic work environment, which she revealed months ago.

”I had complained about my workplace issues genuinely for a while before I realized, I was going to lose my mind. I just took leave, went sat down by the beach, and asked myself what am I fighting for?”

Annitah Raey Remorseful

Annitah Raey (centre) with colleagues at Hot 96FM including Jeff Koinange(to her left) and Prof Hamo (to her right).

Quitting the job was probably not a good idea for her; as she has now found herself begging for a job. On her Instagram, she narrates how hard the past few works have become for her.

She wrote;

”Am my biggest critic… I wake up at two am and lecture myself to kingdom come… The last two days was heavy..
I left work in October…I have no idea how I have survived to be Honest. God is grateful I have never slept hungry..
Well I choose my mental health and I have kept it…
Sadly I feel at the edge… I feel am losing it…

I always hold it together life taught me that.. But since 4 am.. I couldn’t breathe well; I’ve been getting crazy panic and anxiety attacks the last two weeks..
I need help to be honest I just don’t know where to start with asking for it…Asking for help is hard AF..
Anyway I need a job. Am bloody good at content creation…”


Annitah Raey finally unveils handsome ‘Ben 10’ warming her bed (Photo)

Former radio presenter Annitah Raey has a man keeping her warm and loved – that is judging from her recent photos shared on social media.

The mother of two who has always been on the forefront to school young girls on how handle men; unveiled her young boyfriend leaving many shocked and jealous at the same time.

Judging from the post shared by lass – all we can say is that Annitah knows how to pick her men right; and this time around it appears that she got herself a young one to keep herself busy.

Annitah Raey

Well, it is no secret that Annitah Raey has dated younger men before – and from her YouTube channel we understand that she prefers boys to men as they are easier to handle or rather deal with.

Annitah’s hot boyfriend

Looking at Annitah’s bae – it’s evident that he is a mixed breed and a perfect eye candy to roll around with. No disrespect.

Annitah Raey

Anyway, since older men get to enjoy the company of younger women; Annitah is definitely doing the same and we love it! From the comments left by fans on the post – let’s just say that this is the new normal and yes, this is Nairobi!

Meet the young man below.

Annitah Raey’s bae

“And you have daughters?” Annitah Raey blasts Shaffie Weru and Joe Mfalme for trolling young lady thrown off 12th floor by lover

It’s a shame to know that Shaffie Weru has two lovely daughters; and still has the strength to mock yet another man’s girl child for being too available.

However this is a mistake he shall never repeat especially now that everyone is on his case; following shallow comments he made during his show with DJ Joe Mfalme on Homeboyz radio.

The Homeboyz crew

The two media personality made the most annoying comments about crippled Eunice who they laughed at after being thrown off the 12th floor by her lover; moments after refusing to sleep with him. And you find it funny?

Shame on you

With everyone talking about this, most feminists feel that Shaffie and Joe were somehow justifying; the brutality the 20 year old lady suffered after turning down her date.

Former radio host Annitah Raey

But what is done is done and so far the two media personalities have already apologized for uselessly running their mouths before involving their brains.

Here is a video of Annitah Raey blasting these two for not using their place in society to school the boy child; but hey – this is the ‘you guy my guy generation’ that clearly can’t take no for an answer.


“Bwana ya mtu sio wako” Annitah Raey after entanglement with young married man (video)

Truth is, we all love Annitah Raey because she keeps it real. Her radio fans have all moved to her new YouTube channel where she shares some of her shocking; embarrassing and educative life lessons she has come across over the years.

Unlike other women, Annitah Raey is not shy to admit that she has dated married men and even younger ones than her; but it is life – it happens!

annitah raey crotch grab

In one of her videos shared a while back – the mother of two opened up about about her experience of falling in love with a married man.

But before that – I’m pretty sure Annitah would like fans to know that; ‘bwana ya mtu sio wako’ or in short never fall in love with a married man.

Speaks about painful experience

According to the lady, a few years back she met a young man 4 years younger and just like any other love story – boy meets girl and falls in love.

Although Annitah Raey says her intentions were not to fall in love with this guy; she somehow found herself in this awkward situationship that led to a real heartbreak.

Narrating how she ended up in love with the guy – Ms Annitah says that it happened at a time she needed some affection and attention. Without realizing it, the butterflies she was having slowly graduated into real feelings; and just like that Annitah fell in love with another woman’s man.

To prove how serious things were between them: the former presenter says they used to hangout 3 times a week not knowing that this is because the young man was having issues with the wife.

However things got real after Annitah learnt that the guy was just using her to forget his wife; but after he got her (wife) back – Annitah was then forced to deal with a heartbreak she could have avoided from the word go.

Anyway – watch the video below.

‘Hakuna ku-dilly-dally’ Annitah Raey’s advise to men sliding into her DM

Sema unachotaka!

Any woman who listens to Annitah Raey’s advise on her YouTube channel will either die single; or better yet – know how to handle men with no emotions involved making relationships easier to handle.

Unlike other women who will try to hide their emotions following a failed relationship or a struggling one; Annitah Raey has always been open about her failed marriage which she says was never worth it.

Ex-Hot 96 presenter Annitah Raey

I mean, why kill yourself over love when it’s not working; while you can temporary stress free attention and good time?  I guess this explains Annitah’s ‘single’ life.

Annitah advise to men

Anyway in her latest video shared on YouTube, Annitah uses the opportunity to speak to men sliding into her DM and those of other women.

According to Ms Annitah, by this time a man should be able to identify what he wants in a woman; instead of entertaining cheap talk that involves a lot of ‘hi’ and ‘hey’ that has no importance to a lady.

Annitah Raey

Instead of wasting time, the former radio host says any man approaching her should come out and state his intentions that is; whether it’s a hook up, one night stand, serious relationship or even marriage. At her age, she claims to have no time playing games in the DM when a person can clearly state his intentions.

I know not many will agree with Annitah, but below is the detailed video that has left her fans taking notes!

‘Shindwe’ Annitah Raey takes a swipe at broke men trying to cheat on their wives

Truth is Annitah Raey may be the real definition of a feminist; and although many men out here would like to hate on her – they can’t – simply because she speaks nothing but the truth.

A few days ago, Annitah Raey released a new video addressing women who cheat with married men; and to our surprise, Annitah wasn’t condemning but was schooling women on tactics to use on such men.

Annitah Raey finally speaks up day after calling it quits at Hot 96 (Video)

According to the former Hot 96 radio presenter – women should always chase men who can spoil them with both money and good lifestyle. Through her detailed video the lady went on to say;

It’s a waste of sin, it’s wrong, it’s illegal and any broke man who is married and is trying to cheat… Shindwe. You cannot be broke, married and you’re trying to cheat what kind of bullsh*t is that. Women if he hits on you, he’s married – he better….akuweke let me put that word vizuri, nikuwekwa unawekwa. Don’t be there with a broke man anashindwa

Broke men – stay on your lane

As for the broke men with nothing to offer; Annitah Raey advised them or rather condemned them for over trusting themselves.

In the video, the mother of two went on to however advise them on the importance of staying in the broke lane; instead of making both the ‘wives’ and ‘side pieces’ suffer due to their brokenness.

Judging from the comments left under the post, it’s evident to see that her YouTube subscribers feel the same way; but again, aren’t the broke ones said to love the best?

Watch the video here.

“Never date a broke married man” Annitah Raey advising women to aim higher!

Annitah Raey always leaves a bitter taste in most men’s mouths – but hey, she regrets nothing. Unlike most women who would bow down and try acting like the perfect lady the society wants; Mother of 2, Annitah Raey actually prefers being the opposite.

annitah raey crotch grab
Former Radio presenter, Annitah Raey

She has proven this a number of times – and thanks to her new video where she talks about dating broke married; im starting to feel that liquor isn’t the only thing getting ms Annitah Raey high.

Well this is because she takes no shame in being real about women dating married men. In this society marriage has become a rite of passage and not many feel it’s worth anymore.

Annitah Raey

Date the rich ones

However according to Annitah Raey, when one decides to get involved with a married man; he should then be rich enough to provide for both his side and main.

In short share responsibilities equally. Speaking on the video making rounds online, Annitah is heard saying

“Never ever…date a broke married man. Pick a struggle…”

Not quite sure why Annitah would be so brave to speak about this so openly; but truth is, marriage is no longer valued by couples from this generation.

Infact most tend to get married as a rite of passage while others do it for the church and parents. But just like Annitah Raey said, why get involved with someone who wouldn’t put food on your table?

watch the video.


Annitah Raey reveals the special gift she would give her boyfriend on Valentines Day, that is if she had one!

Annitah Raey is not only known for her talented radio voice; but also for her skills as a mum. Unlike other mums, Annitah Raey is as real as they come and I guess her only problem is that she rarely filters whatever comes out of her mouth.

So far we have seen her bash her former bosses at hot 96 for being toxic; and if you thought anyone can scare her then read the post below directed to her former employees.

  So I resigned, which is the best decision I have made in my 30 years. Toxic bosses are something I need to talk about, I have never ever ranted about my personal life online. I have never ranted about my work either. I am not about to start today, but I have learned to choose myself above any job because if I died today then someone will replace me tomorrow. I choose my sanity.

Valentine’s Day gift

Away from that, it’s no secret that most men fear Annitah Raey. Not because she can literally punch a man on his face; but because she is smart – and unlike the naive needy type of women some men are used to – Annitah is the opposite.

As Valentines approaches, the mum of two has shared a post talking about the type of gift she would give her boyfriend; that is if she had one in the first place.

Of course this is for fun and games; but seeing how unpredictable Annitah Raey is – who knows! She might gift him a calculator then. Anyway she wrote;

If I had a man. I would buy him a calculator on Valentines for him to count how lucky he is to have me.

Annitah Raey finally speaks up day after calling it quits at Hot 96 (Video)

Popular radio presenter, Annitah Raey hang her mic at Hot 96 FM yesterday in an expose about toxic bosses and toxic working environments.

A day later, she speaks about the consequences of holding onto toxicity when you have the chance to quit.

Also read: “I choose my sanity!” Annitah Raey calls out toxic boss as she quits radio job at Hot 96

Annitah Raey speaks up

Taking to her YouTube channel, Annitah, born Hannah Gaturu finally addressed the public, in a bid to clear the air about what actually transpired.

How it started, how she tried to cope through the difficult situation, when she decided she has had enough and what is her next step.

“First of all, I’m not playing victim. Second, I am not trying to make anyone look like a bad person. I’m just trying to be honest,” she starts off.

Annitah Raey speaks

Her issue is how society has forced individuals to keep quiet when deep down they are actually hurting.

Many a times, she got to the shower, crying and asking God whether she needs to keep that job that badly. Whether it was worth it at the expense of her sanity.

“I had complained about my work place issues genuinely for a while before I realized, I was going to lose my mind. I just took leave, went sat down by the beach and asked myself what am I fighting for?” she explains.

Annitah Raey

She was no longer herself, always angry and hated going to work, despite her love for radio.

“It’s really hard when you have to go on air to make other people happy. So you go through personal issues, then come to a work environment where you are not supported, you’re not appreciated and you’re being stressed. You are gonna die!” she cautions.

Former radio presenter, Annitah Raey

According to her, not one, not two cases of media personalities sinking into depression and drug addiction have swamped the headlines.

Responding to claims that she was fired for being drunk and lazy at work stating;

“I don’t have a warning or suspension letter. Nothing. I came back and gave a resignation letter. I was not drunk or late to work. This has been piling up for a while since December 2019/March 2020. A lot of negative vibes, someone frustrating you outside the office, etc.”

Ex-Hot 96 presenter Annitah Raey

Further questioning individuals who threaten and use peoples weaknesses against them.

Just have a listen;

“I choose my sanity!” Annitah Raey calls out toxic boss as she quits radio job at Hot 96

Annitah Raey has always kept her audience glued to their radio’s whenever her show comes on. And truth be told, Annitah Raey indeed has  huge following and being a feminist too has opened doors of opportunity for her.

However we now understand that she will no longer be part of the Hot 96 family as she recently quit her job. According to the lady, her toxic boss is the main reason she decided to quit the radio gig; adding that the same bosses would replace her immediately if she died today.

Also read; “You reason like a goat!” Angry single mum tells Hot96 presenter after her remarks on deadbeat dads

Former radio presenter, Annitah Raey

Although she does not reveal the main reason why she opted to walk out despite knowing that her fans would be left stranded; Annitah Raey made it known that this time she chooses to have peace of mind for her sanity’s sake.

Anita calls it quits

Through her Twitter handle, Ms Annitah wrote;

Also read: Hot 96 presenter Annitah Raey moved to new show

I have never ever ranted about my personal life online..
I have never ranted about my work either.. Am not about to start today. But I have learned to choose myself above any job because if I died today then someone will replace me tomorrow.. I choose my sanity

Although we cannot really tell what pushed Annitah to walk out on the popular radio station; the mother of two says she will soon release a video explaining herself.

But as for now, checkout the posts she shared on her social media pages.

Annitah Raey is right about single mothers and child support

Annitah Raey has been bashed and lampooned over the past few days and hours because she decided to speak the truth, not her truth, not your truth, but the truth about single motherhood.
You see, she has committed the ultimate betrayal in the eyes of every single mother in Kenya, she has gone against the herd!

“You reason like a goat!” Angry single mum tells Hot96 presenter after her remarks on deadbeat dads

Once upon a time, a single Kenyan girl in one of Nairobi’s many neighbourhoods was getting hit on by 2 men. The first, Brayo, was a boring, focused, responsible geek. He was focused on his studies and getting a good job. He was awkward with the ladies but was a nice guy at heart. And then there was Wafula Thundercock, was an irreverent lad. He was also a makanga for one of City’s finest matatus. Wafula Thundercock was always flush with fast cash and he was always clad in the trendiest clothes. He was the neighbourhoods favourite bad boy. Guess who this lass chose.
And soon enough, that single Kenyan girl became just another single mother in one of Nairobi’s many neighbourhoods.

Annitah Raey

Annitah Raey knows this story all too well because she lived it. But the key difference between Ms Annitah and the other lasses is that she knows that she played a role in how her love life and the subsequent love-child’s life played out. And if these single mothers read anything other than bitter feminist literature, they would be as aware of who their baby daddy is currently sleeping with as they would of Briffault’s Law:

The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

Hot 96 presenter Annitah Raey moved to new show 

But Annitah Raey saying this has completely betrayed the sisterhood. You see, they depend on men and society at large not knowing the truth or not trusting in their logical hindbrains on matters pertaining to female nature. Can you imagine Kenya’s celebrity single mothers like Akothee, Lilian Muli, Betty Kyallo and the rest actually owning up to the role they played in their singlehood status? That would be a glorious day indeed. That would be the day the Jubilee government would get their act together.
Won’t happen though.

annitah raey crotch grab

You see, the situation was started by Annitah Raey commenting on the situation a guy called Dennis Ndavi who found himself on the wrong side of his ex-wife, Nisenya Kimani’s ire when he became broke because his company, NRG did not pay him his salary. Nisenya tore Bwana Ndavi a new one for his circumstances and she did so in public so she opened herself up to everyone’s opinion.
Annitah Raey paid the ultimate price for being an actual independent woman.

“I was raped at 15, had my son at 19, got divorced at 21” Radio Jambo’s Annitah Raey narrates her ordeal

You see, the biggest issue with the single mother narrative is that it always absolves women of any responsibility and blame for their current situation. Men are always to blame regardless of whether or not the couple had agreed on not getting children together, whether the woman actively traps the guy, no matter the case, the one with the penis bears the blame. And this is a low IQ way of reasoning.

But the truth is, that women, not men, decide whose child to bear. That is why a lot of married men are raising children that aren’t their own and they haven’t the foggiest of ideas. And yet Annitah Raey speaking the truth is a betrayal. And what is worse is that these single mothers one day wake up to their “worth” and demand a guy who is stable to take them and their children in and treat them like queens. But that is a story for another day.

And the worst part about these single mothers is the fact that regardless of whether or not they trapped the guy who sired an unwilling child with them, they feel entitled to his money. Let that sink in. We have been inundated with the messaging that men have no right to tell women what to do with their bodies. We have been drowned in messaging about women having full autonomy over their uterus. Yet, we deny men the right to decide how they use their money.
Imagine a man telling a woman who is merely a jump-off that he doesn’t want to have children by her. She lies to him that she is one her safe days or that she is allergic to condoms but she’ll take a P2 or some such nonsense only for her to surprise him with the unwanted news that he is going to be a father. This man was not a willing participant in the decision to bring forth a child by this woman. Now society shames him for doing the right thing for himself and walking away.

Annitah Raey is right! Alot of you single mothers only got into that position so as to use the man as a meal ticket. Because I know some low IQ pseudo-intellectual feminists will also read this, let me clarify that I am not excusing deadbeat dads, I am simply holding the lasses accountable for their poor decision making.

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“You reason like a goat!” Angry single mum tells Hot96 presenter after her remarks on deadbeat dads

Radio presenter Annitah Raey is loved and supported by her loyal listeners who cannot afford to miss any of her shows! However, she recently angered many single mums after blaming them for depending on their baby daddies for child support.

The heated debate was sparked by a lady known as Nisenya Kimani who  exposed her baby baby dady Dennis Ndavi; an employee at to NRG radio for neglecting his role in their child’s life. As seen on the screenshot, clearly  Nisenya was not joking as she demanded for child support from the fella – who in turn mentioned that he had not yet been paid yet.

Okay, we can understand that the economy has become tough on everyone and Mr Ndavi having no money was no issue until Annitah Raey decided to share her opinion about the matter. Judging from the way she painted ‘child support’ as job for lazy mums angered many single mums who continue to struggle with children – yet the men responsible are out somewhere having a child. But doesn’t it take it two to tangle?

Annitah Raey


Having shared her experience as a single mother of two, Annitah made it known that she has no problem with the father of her children; however she only demands him to be present in her children’s lives which means probably phone calls, shared custody which would not work for everybody.

In the comment section of the post shared by Edgar Obare; it’s evident to see that for once, Annitah Raey failed the girl child. With men from this generation it’s hard to share custody when paying both the role of a mum and da in a child’s life.

One fan by the name of gracious7877 went all out asking Annitah not to impose her ways on other women. she wrote

Some bitter women reason like goat’s!  so what if we were married and breaks up and nigga decides not to take care of the kid.It’s the responsibility of both parents to take care of the kid,kupanua mguu ni kusema?

When it comes to child support, there is never a way out especially since you can settle it quietly as adults or in court. However the idea of supporting deadbeat dads should remain the the dustbin!

Hot 96 presenter Annitah Raey moved to new show 

Controversial radio host Annitah Ray has been moved to a new show after hosting the Hot Drive which she co-hosted alongside Patrick Igunza for half a year.

Ray will now be hosting the 96 late night show ‘The Sizzle On Hot’ which airs from 10pm to 1pm every weekday. The show will be about relationships.

“Well well you know am not one to censor anything… And now I get an amazing chance to talk it as it is. No sugar coating… It’s gonna be sizzling hot… See you on Monday ,” she wrote in a post on Instagram.


Once the changes were announced, Ray took to social media to sent Patrick Igunza a message. In a post on Instagram, Ray said that parting ways with Igunza was the hardest thing she has had to do in a very long time.

“You know I love loooove Radio… No actually I live radio… I breathe radio… I will die radio… And this has been my baby for the last six months… Most will ask why I didn’t say goodbye… Lemmi tell you leaving my G was the hardest thing ave done in a long time… you have been the best Co-host ever.. Heck nobody will ever be better than you… You will always always be my Radio Bae My Ze Daddy… But in life change is the only constant… So guys let’s welcome the brand new..Hooooot Hotter This will always have the my heart,” wrote Ray on Instagram.

“I was raped at 15, had my son at 19, got divorced at 21” Radio Jambo’s Annitah Raey narrates her ordeal

Annitah Raey has opened up for the first time and her story is shocking. The Radio Jambo presenter went through hell while she was still a teen.

Annitah revealed her story in a long post on social media. She says she ran away from home when she was 13 only to be raped two years later.

She got married to a wife batterer at 17 before she had her first child at 19. Annitah says her marriage crumbled after only four years.

Annitah Raey

“I ran away from home at 13. I was raped at 15. I got married to a wife batterer at 17. Had my son at 19. Got divorced at 21. I have slept on the streets.. I have slept hungry.. I know what it means to lack.. I have cried myself to sleep so many times I lost count.. I have been in a hospital bed for six weeks due to depression and ulcers,” wrote Annitah Raey in part.


The Radio Jambo presenter further discloses that she tried taking her own life multiple times. She says that her life is a testimony to others, she says no situation is too big for God to turn around.

“I have tried suicide five times.. I have been so broken I never thought I would see another day.. But look at me.. Look at me and understand that when God wants to use you to glorify himself then he will do exactly that.. I am a loving testimony that when God Says Yes.. Nobody can say no. So before you pass judgment walk a mile in my shoe..”