Nadia Mukami shares realest lesson she’s learnt since becoming a mum

Nadia Mukami is happy to have baby Haseeb Kai out of her womb and into her hands after a whole 9 months journey . She says it wasn’t an easy journey – but, I bet she will be saying the opposite in a few weeks time – when Haseeb Kai starts screaming his lungs out. It’s just been a week, so relax. 

Anyway, with Mukami now understanding how motherhood works – the African Popstar recently shared a detailed post talking about one of things she has learnt since becoming a mum. Love.

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Yes, Ms Nadia Mukami says having her son unlocked levels of she’s never experienced before; hence no regrets whatsoever. In a post shared a few hours ago, she wrote;

Arrowbwoy with girlfriend, Nadia Mukami

They say if a woman’s first child is a girl, she most likely needed maturity. And if it’s a boy she most needed to know the real meaning of love.

The true meaning of love

Well, despite having loved before – Nadia Mukami can’t bring herself to compare that kind of love with the current one she feels for her baby boy, Haseeb.

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To her this kind of love is pure, unexplainable and above all – effortless! It’s the kind that brings the best out of you and has no boundaries nor ultimatums since the boy is hers. Her own baby, a blessing she never knew she needed and now can’t live without.

I definitely can relate to this, I have a baby boy and he’s my first believe me when I tell you this is the love my heart has been waiting on!!


And just like that, Arrow bwoy takes second place in Nadia Mukami’s heart.