Edgar Obare humbly thanks Artcaffe day after restaurant saga that nearly claimed his life

Edgar Obare’s lunch day out during the weekend turned into shambles after having a seafood delicacy that saw him fight for his life soon after.

The popular Internet sensation was having a catch-up with one of his good friends and opted for Artcaffe restaurant, Capital Centre where he ordered the prawns tagliatelle.

The Artcaffe restaurant

An hour later, the lad was running all over from the bathroom to the restaurant’s counter to the balcony, trying to contain his scratchy throat that felt like it was tearing up, a blocked nose and closed up throat with his neck persistently itchy.

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The service was pretty bad to the extent that no one paid attention to him or even attended to his needs. This saw his face and eyes all swell up that forced him an admission into hospital late in the night.

Edgar Obare’s terrible allergic reaction

Message of gratitude

Roughly a day later, the kid is doing superbly excellent with a recent photo of him after the swelling went down completely but still on medication. However, he went ahead to pen down words of gratitude to Artcaffe’s management after a chat with its General Manager yesterday morning.

Talked with the @artcaffekenya General manager Yarden this morning. And she was concerned and sincere in taking this as a learning experience for them on how to handle such emergencies. She apologized for that experience which I accepted and I am grateful they are willing to work on steps to be better prepared for such emergencies.

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Edgar Obare resurfaces in flawless look

Further revealing that the restaurant was open to list all ingredients that were part of the dish as he works with Nairobi Hospital to get to the bottom of his allergic reaction. Wrapping up;

This was a unique situation, telling this story was not about blaming anyone. It’s about all of us being better prepared in emergencies. I appreciate that Artcaffe is taking some responsibility and showed willingness to change for the better. Thank you ????

His statements raised a myriad questions about what actually transpired, with cryptic responses sent his way. Have a look:

Tea master Fixing the nation ????


Hehehehe…the draggation of the restaurant though.

Umerudi the same place….??? Okay

Why Jalango’s Artcaffe stand has received heavy backlash (Video)

Coronavirus has shown its true self, sending giant economies to their knees and the last thing anyone would look forward to is to offer free services in exchange for nothing – if Id put it so.

Talent might not have a price tag because no one can take that from you but that leaves no room for lack of appreciation.

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Artcaffe has been making headlines for a better part of yesterday, after launching an #ARTofthecity competition, calling upon creatives to help them jazz up their take-away coffee cups and stand a chance to win.

Well, offer on the table was anyone who had exceptional art skills would stand a chance to get free coffee for a period with exhibition of the art work or an internship.



This witnessed a cold reception from Kenyans who called out the coffee and bakery restaurant for misusing talents to their advantage.

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Jalango speaks

Kiss FMs Jalang‘o jumped into the discussion, only to attract backlash from the Kenyan space.

According to him, were it not for the exposure he got from National Theatre, today he would not be such a big brand, all he was given was a packet of chips and handshakes.

Comedian cum radio presenter Jalang’o Mwenyewe

He actually hailed Artcaffe for their move, asking creatives to think twice before growing too proud.

If you are not in the creative industry, you might troll Artcaffe all you want, but kudos to Artcaffe for the chance you have given these artists. Anyone who would want to lynch me, go ahead! But I tell you, were it not for exposure and that packet of chips na salamu apa National Theater, I would not be sitted here with you [Kamene].


His sentiments attracted heavy criticism from netizens assuring him that not everyone needs to go through the tough life he did, times have changed.

For Kamene, 2020 was just not the year to pay people with exposure, everyone is just at a bad place. Plus, exposure never paid anyones bills.

But the year 2020 has been hard on everybody, exposure is just not enough!