“I labored for 24 hours” Pierra Makena opens up about the pain she went through to deliver her daughter

Giving birth is not a joke and from what I hear – the pain can easily make one look crazy as the body completely feels different and since it is something that all women will have to go through when welcoming their children…it is good to be prepared for the worst!

One of Kenya’s hottest DJ, Pierre Makena welcomed her first child last year but what we didn’t know is that she was stuck with labor pains for 24 hours (a whole day) before baby Ricca Pokot became a reality.

Through her social media pages, Pierre Makena narrated how she labored and the joy she felt after finally holding her baby for the first time. She wrote saying;

24 hours of labor…last year at this time I was going through soooooo much pain wah!!! I got induced and the pain got worse….and minutes later I pushed a bouncing baby girl….the pain was gone…God is great!!!! And now…..a year later I can’t express how happy and excited I am to celebrate her 1st birthday….just the other day uh?

Well..,I guess that there is nothing that can beat the joy of parenthood right? Check out how tiny Ricca looked when she was born.

    Baby Ricca