Redsan the king of hiphop is back with ‘Back It Up’ video

Redsan the Hiphop king does not disappoint. Back it up is his new single. It comes after his latest collaboration with Kendi on Pon Di Corner. This guy is just talented. He has a great voice. Back It Up comes with a lot of energy. Am sure it is what you need to train your waist. Was this an Eid treat? And if so we need more Eid’s. The Kenyan hiphop singer has dominated the hiphop industry for a long time and he is still doing great.


Back It Up is a success. The production crew did a good thing. It was directed by the super director Sesan. I must say that this video is good. The choice of background is in line with the song. Come to think of the effect it has on the song. Looking for the dancehall mood? You just need to watch Back It Up.

Video quality is of International standards and the audio is worth it. There is enough creativity and a lot of work brought out in this video.

Presentation of Back It Up

There is no doubt that Redsan is creative. The kind of artwork he has used in Back It Up is good. He has delivered the lyrics so well. Listen on how he flows. Repetition is evident in the stanza. The style gives the song life. It is in the repetition that we grasp the title of the song.

His choice of words is always unique. I would compare him to Jamaican Dance-hall artists. The way he uses swahili and English in his work and you can only notice this if you are keen on the lyrics.

In conclusion, Redsan is a very talented artist who has thrived in hip-hop for so long now. Back It Up is a jam that targets the youths and also club fans. You can always dance to the tune. Back It Up gets a rating of 7/10.


Below is the link for Back It Up.