Betty Kyallo opens up about battle with maternal mental health

Betty Kyallo, a super proud mum of one recently opened up about her pregnancy journey; 7 years after she welcomed her first child with ex husband, Dennis Okari.

However not many are aware of what happened to her while she was pregnant back then since she kept the whole journey a secret. 7 years later she however spoke to Picha Clear where she opened up about her pregnancy struggles and birth process that left her traumatized.

Dennis Okari with younger Ivanna

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According to Betty Kyallo she not only went through the most painful and traumatizing experience in her life; but also had to struggle with postpartum depression that came after baby Ivanna was born. Speaking about how her battle with depression started Betty said;

Many women go through postpartum depression, just that the difference is the degree of it. It is not mentally right that you can go through the birth process and just be okay.


There is a degree of shock and I also went through it. I was happy but at the same time, it took me a few days to get acquainted with her like, she is here. It was a gradual welcome to this world.

Betty Kyallo and daughter Ivanna

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Now Blended family

Although everyone thought that Betty Kyallo’s relationship with Dennis Okari was a match made in Heaven; these two media personalities ended up parting ways in a bitter split that saw Okari miss out on his daughter’s younger years.

Yes, yes most relationships (especially those with kids) often tend to leave painful scars that  take time to heal; and finally looks like Betty Kyallo already got over hers – which explains why she recently opened up about her unknown past.

“I’m ready to date but my past keeps haunting me,” Betty Kyallo opens up (Video)

Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari enjoyed marriage only for 6 months before we witnessed an ugly breakup.

Getting married at the young age of 25 remains one of Betty’s major regrets in life. According to her, that was still a time she did not understand the essence of marriage or even what the vocation really meant.

Ex-couple, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari

Sharing intimate details on Betty Kyallo Lately, the bubbly journalist stated that she respected their marriage and their past together with baby daddy, Dennis Okari but if she were given a second chance, she would have waited a little longer.

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Betty had never experienced the single life or even discovered who she is and what personalities of men she prefers, she just walked right in. But if her wedding were to go down today, then she would not think twice about walking down the isle.

I really respect Dennis, I respect our past. That was a good time but I rushed into it. I wished I had waited just a little bit to enjoy life and understand who I am. Right now, I know so much about life that I would appreciate if getting married now, more than I did back in the day. This marriage thing keeps haunting me. It is now possible to love someone else because I understand myself.

Businesswoman, Betty Kyallo

Speaking of dating and marriage, the content creator admitted she was now doing the interviews of which man best suites her taste and which ones don’t, for those that would end up slipping off the bus, then she expressed her sincere apologies.

Single and searching

However, Betty refused to disclose how many men she is currently seeing but from her statements, they are quite a variety, because one lesson an old lady once taught her is; drink as many coffees as you can. Simply meaning she needs to go on as many dates before she settles because once that ring is on her finger, there is no looking back.

I’m in a place where I want to be sure about who I’m gonna be with because I feel like I am ready to start dating and everything. I’m putting myself first this time round. I want to know what kind of guy I want. I’m waiting, I’m talking and I’m listening.

Never seen before photo of Betty Kyallo whining her waist and hips on Dennis Okari

Being a Friday, Ghafla is honoured to feature flashback stories from back in the day. Thanks to Lulu Hassan we finally have a ‘never seen before’ photo of Betty Kyallo and Dennis dancing together.

If you remember well back in 2013 Betty Kyallo and Okari were inseparable. The two had everyone envying them and barely 6 months into their marriage; something went wrong!

According to Betty, she believes to have rushed into marriage while still young; but does that mean she loved him less or was it a crush?

Anyway, those are just questions Betty Kyallo will have to (or no)t address in future now that she has moved on with her handsome Somali bae.

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Fun times together

Although their romantic relationship is over, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari remain as good co parents for their daughter’s sake. However, Lulu Hassan sharing the photo of the ex lovers has left many looking back; and admiring the love and fun Okari and Betty before parting ways.

Dennis Okari dancing during Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla’s wedding

The smile on Okari’s face can tell you for free that Betty often brought out his happy and fun side to play. This is because out of the many photos we have seen of Okari; the fella always appears serious and not the joking type!

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Since his separation with Betty Kyallo, word has it that the news anchor has since become spiritual; and quite involved in his church!

But hey, at least he can say – he lived a little before opting for a more settled life.

“My next wedding will be at the AG’s office,” Betty Kyallo reveals after failed grand wedding with Dennis Okari

Betty Kyallo’s star-studded wedding to Dennis Okari in 2015 is one that left tongues wagging only to part ways 6 months later, with a daughter on board.

Okari since remarried in 2019, leaving behind the sassy TV girl single and searching. Well, Betty has disclosed that her upcoming wedding will have to be a two-people affair; just her and her man.

Ex-couple, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari

Up and close with Billy Miya, Betty clarified that she is not in the business of holding a grand wedding but when her marriage turns sour, everybody she invited is nowhere to be seen.

Especially now I don’t want a big wedding. Just me and him at the AG’s office, we have our rice at the next restaurant, got home and start life. Honeymoon is fine but this thing of feeding 5,000 people at your wedding, is crazy. When things go wrong in your marriage, you will look for this 5,000 people and they will be nowhere to be seen.

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Mompreneur, Betty Kyallo

For Betty, there was no sense in struggling with a failed marriage when you clearly can tell it shall never see the light of day.

You don’t need to put a brave face in public but behind closed doors, you two are not okay. I chose to be happy and I’m even happy for him (Okari).

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Her mistakes and lessons learnt

Before admitting:

The thing about marriage, at that time I was young, I didn’t want marriage as such and I didn’t see its meaning. But right now, I have grown as a woman, I understand myself and I now know what I want. I’m ready to mend my ways so that I also get my ring. But now I’m not in a hurry, whoever God will send my way is who I will settle with.

Ms Betty Kyallo

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Clarifying on her ideal man, the beauty revealed:

I want a chunky man and I feel like for a man who is divorced, we can understand each other better. People have been chasing me but right now I am not in the mood and I just want to love myself.

Betty Kyallo weeps uncontrollably during daughter´s 6th birthday (Video)

Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari decided to celebrate their daughter Ivanna ´s 6th birthday on Sunday, June 21 in a star-studded private event.

Ivanna was born on June 22 but in order to rope in everyone, they went for the weekend which saw the day feature as a complete episode on Betty Kyallo Lately.

However, on reminiscing the chain of events that took place during the little girl´s 5th birthday, the ex-TV girl only had memories of Ivanna in ICU.

Betty Kyallo with daughter, Ivanna

Betty broke down on camera expressing:

I remember my baby was so sick, so sick! She was in ICU for a month and a half. I was so losing my baby. The things that my baby just went through, it was just horrible. And every day since then I´m always just praying for her to be okay, hoping it will never happen again.

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Unfortunately, the 31-year old had lost hope of ever seeing Ivanna coming back home.

I woke up one day last year and she couldn´t walk. The next day she can´t talk, she can´t eat, she can´t sit…it just went downhill for so long before I even knew what was wrong. I always looked at her bed whenever I came home from the hospital and I always wondered ´will she ever come home to her bed?´

Betty Kyallo with daughter, Ivanna

Either way, the former K24 journalist thanked God that Ivanna made it through, labeling her ´a miracle baby´.

So baby Ivanna I know you´re going to watch this video one day in your life, just know I love you so much.

Okari goes down on his knees for Ivanna

NTV prime time news anchor, Dennis Okari who is Ivanna´s dad, was also present at the event and for his baby girl, he went down on his knees, as he articulated his blessings for the 6-year old.

I´ll be the first man to go on my knees for you, before that boy comes. You are the most intelligent, the most smartest, the most beautiful, precious daughter anyone would have on this world.I pray for God´s blessings on your life and may you impact many more generations.

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Ivanna with her dad, Dennis Okari

This ended with a kiss on his daughter´s cheek and this saw Betty break down to tears as the emotional moment went down.

Have a look.

Daddy duties! Never before seen photo of Dennis Okari spending quality time with daughter, Ivanna

Dennis Okari has been earning some points thanks to his adorable daughter Ivanna; who also can’t seem to get enough of her papa! Well, at 4 years the news presenter has stepped in to help raise his daughter; after putting his issues with Betty Kyallo on the side.

As many already know, Dennis Okari was said to have ditched his daughter and neither was he supporting her financially. With the information out in public, Dennis Okari image changed for many as he was now seen as a deadbeat father.

What many don’t know is that their are two sides to a breakup story; and since we never got to hear Okari’s side, we might never understand what really went on.

Ex couple Dennis Okari and Betty Kyallo

Daddy’s girl

Just recently Betty Kyallo went on to reveal that her daughter, Ivanna is a daddy’s girl! This is after Ivanna had an on and off relationship with her father for almost 3 years.

However after Ivanna’s medical issue that saw her get admitted at the Nairobi hospital last year; Dennis Okari seems to have received the wake up call loud and clear.

The father of one has since been building relationship with his daughter and from the look of things; these now seem inseparable.

New photo

In a new photo shared on Ivanna’s page, we now understand that Dennis Okari has been spending some quality time with his baby girl at Betty’s place as seen on the photo.

Dennis Okari with daughter, Ivanna

Apparently he has not been visiting just for fun but also to help his daughter with her school work. Seeing them together has left many fans happy for the mature decision made by the two parents.

Although their marriage barely lasted for 6 months, 4 years down the line and the two ex lovers are now friends!

Betty Kyallo finally reveals intimate details of her Somali bae (Video)

Betty Kyallo said she is on a one-year break when it comes to dating. She has done too much chasing in relationships and it is time she made herself a priority first.

The media girl started with her relationship-turned marriage to NTV journalist, Dennis Okari which bore them a daughter, Ivanna before they eventually part ways as a couple.

Thereafter, she went for an alleged Somali bae who till date, we have zero details about his name, let alone his face or even how tall or short he might be.

TV girl, Betty Kyallo

Either way, we no longer have the privilege to meet this special person who stole Betty´s heart.

This is because she just confessed she is officially single but ready for marriage in a few.

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Speaking to fellow media firebrand, Jalang´o, he posed:

Talking about enjoying, who is enjoying… Who is your boyfriend? You are too beautiful to be single.

MC and radio presenter, Jalang´o

To which she openly responded:

No one is enjoying it. I´m so single right now and I love it.

According to the celebrated Kenyan journalist, she has been known to hop from one relationship to the next but she has said ´no´ to that.

I used to be that girl mwenye natoka hii naingia ingine yaani zinainterchange. So, right now I´ve actually decided ´you know what B, kwanza jipende´. So I have decided I want to give myself at least one year before I enter into something. Because I think I´m ready to settle down.

Mompreneur, Betty Kyallo

Somali babe

Regards what happened to her Somali babe who had turned the Internet wild with fans trying to patch together an arm here, a leg there and some curly hair but to no success.

Well, it turns out that yes he was there, but things didn´t go as planned so she had to say goodbye and they mutually agreed that it had hit a dead end.

Betty Kyallo with her former Somali bae

She asked society to stop the common stigmatization that relationships need to follow a certain sequence and that everything should be perfect. In reality, it is not always a smooth sail through.

It didn´t work out. The thing is, things don´t work out sometimes with people and its okay, its fine. I don´t know why we have so much stigma about relationships and how you should act and that you should last forever. Sometimes things work out, sometimes things hit a rock and its okay, mnaachana kwa uzuri.

Dennis Okari

The 31-year old mother of one further divulged that she does co-parent with Okari and it has never been this good for them.

Co-parents, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari

If anything, she feels really proud that they eventually matured, settled their differences and it is now working out, especially for Ivanna.

I realized it´s not always about us as adults. We are in good terms with him, his family, his wife and everything. But right now we are making sure Ivanna gets the love that she deserves. You know how dad-daughter relationships are. I feel good Ivanna has the attention she needs. Dennis is doing an amazing job and I feel so good. I thank God.