‘Chachisha’ hitmakers Rico Gang are back with ‘Bluetooth Device’ and it’s getting mad love (Video)

Rico Gang, the group that is famed for their Chachisha hit, is back with a new banger that we can’t vibing to.

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The new jam by the super-talented group, which is made up of Triand Rands, Gray Cee and Harry Craze, is known as Bluetooz Dewise (Bluetooth Device).

Rico Gang
Rico Gang

If you own a Chinese-made sub woofer, then I’m sure you know what inspired this jam. For those of you who are in the dark, the ‘fake’ subwoofers write or say, “The bluetooz dewise is ready to pair.” when you try to connect your phone or laptop to it. (I hope you get the joke).

Anyway, in the context of this new jam by Rico Gang, it means something different. It implies two adults agreeing to have coitus i.e. they are ready to pair, you get it?

I was impressed by the wordplay by all the three members of the group. They all killed it with their witty rhymes and wordplay.

However, if I was asked to pick one then I would confidently say that Gray Cee, who’s the only lass in the group, totally outshone the rest.

Gray Cee
Gray Cee

In her verse, she says “Huyo chali anadhani mi ni bluetooth, ntamdump nimflash kama pupu, anadhani amenipa majuju, atani marinate anichinje ka kuku, mi ni mjanja siwezi kukupea, hata ukiwasha hotspot flash share, you’re not my type hatuwezi kupair, get out of here I don’t care, FYI mi ni…”

The beat, which was produced by Waka Waka (40 Miles Music), is also on point. As I was listening to the jam, I could visualize people busting moves to it in a club.

Although the video concept was simple, I think it came out well. I really loved the editing and effects. Big up to Samaritan 254.

Watch Bluetooz Dewise (Bluetooth Device) below and tell us what you think.