“I have not been mentally okay for years” Mulamwah shares struggles with mental health

Mulamwah says he is not okay and may need help following his struggle with his mental health. He made this public in a detailed post shared on his IG on Thursday, 7 April – shortly after his exposè on ex, Carrol Sonnie.

According to Mulamwah his battle with mental health began 4 years ago and judging from the post – he blames this on his previous relationship which appears to have completely drained him without realizing it. Responding to a fan who asked about his mental health, Mulamwah wrote;

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I have not been ok mentally for over 4 years now the reasons are very wide open, they have been the worst 4 years of my life but the most profitable years.

Well – looking at his recent actions – fans also seem to agree that Mulamwah has not been okay; but the important thing is that he too knows this.

However the BIG problem is that the comedian seems more focused on directing his energy anger towards making something out of himself – to prove a point; yet he has serious matters that need to be prioritized for his own good.

Still on the mental health issue, Mulamwah went on to add;

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With matters of the mind it’s always how you perceive things, you can be at your worst but still make the most out of it.


Mulamwah broken after breakup

Okay truth is, with this issue getting worse each day – it’s sad how both parties keep dragging a toddler into their mess.

This is because after Mulamwah’s exposè on how Carrol aborted first pregnancy and wanted to do the same with Keilah – the young man now says the 6 month old is not his baby!
Can somebody change Mulamwah’s social
Media logins already….cause anachoma!


And at this point – I’m starting wonder where Mulamwah’s friends are? Butita, YY?? Somebody? Anyone?

Mulamwah hints ex girlfriend Carol Sonnie had ‘someone on the side’

Comedian Mulamwah has finally started opening up about his breakup with long term girl, Carol Sonnie.

This comes a few weeks after he revealed that his main reason for staying silent on the issue; is because he was afraid his revelation about their relationship would taint her image. And being the mother of his child – this is something he didn’t want to put her through.

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Mulamwah with baby mama, Carol Sonnie

However looks like he may have shared a tip of the iceberg while on an interview with Mseto East Africa; where he gave some of his reason for breaking up with the lady barely 2 months after baby was born.

Well, according to the interview – turns out that these two broke up during the first trimester of their pregnancy; but decided to keep it a secret until just recently. Not so smart, right?

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Carol Sonnie’s disrespectful ways

Anyway during the interview we finally got to learn how Mulamwah’s home was operating on the low; and judging from what the comedian said – we can confirm this was no bed of roses.

This is apparently because  he knew he had a replacement somewhere waiting for him to fail Sonnie before sliding in to take his place. Actually what he said was Jamaa flani who would step in and help Carol  when she wanted something that Mulamwah couldn’t afford.

Mulamwah with Carol Sonie

He made this known after he issued some words of advice to his baby mama on handling her next relationship, saying;

Ningeomba sana hata kwa relationship yake ingine aendelee kua humble na apatiane time. Hizi vitu zote tutapata.

About what angered him most, Mulamwah said;

Unapata labda kuna wakati singeweza kuprovide hiki na hiki, yeye angeenda kutafuta mahali fulani ama kwa jamaa fulani na nilikua nakwazika kweli.

“We broke up before baby was born” Mulamwah opens up about break up with baby mama

Comedian Mulamwah recently held a candid interview with Mseto East Africa where he opened up about his failed relationship with ex girlfriend, Carol Sonnie.

Mulamwah and ex, Carrol Sonnie

This being the first time he is addressing the issue on public, Mulamwah talked about disrespect, impatience, pressure and being looked on simply because he hasn’t made it yet. Well in his own words the popular comedian started off by explaining;

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Sisi tuliachana kitambo sana hata kabla mtoto azaliwe.

Yes, the comedian revealed that parting ways with Carol Sonnie happened when the lady was only 3 months pregnant; but agreed not to speak about it until baby was born.

What pushed him to walk away

Well, having grown up in a not so rich family Mulamwah made it his mission to change his life but this is something his girlfriend couldn’t understand.

He made this known after revealing that one of the reasons that pushed him to the wall is the fact that Carol wasn’t patient enough to understand situations when he couldn’t meet some of her demands.


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Mulamwah says Carol would prefer opting for alternatives solutions from other people; hence belittling him as the provider of their growing family. However having faced such challenges in their relationship, Mulamwah advises;

Ningeomba sana hata kwa relationship yake ingine aendelee kua humble na apatiane time. Hizi vitu zote tutapata. Unapata labda kuna wakati singeweza kuprovide hiki na hiki, yeye angeenda kutafuta mahali fulani ama kwa jamaa fulani na nilikua nakwazika kweli.

As for those women with similar characters, Mulamwah had this to say to them.

Ningependa kuambia madem watupatie time. Usiharakishe hiyo process utapata hayo matunda yanaendea mwingine.

But Wait, wasn’t he the same man that gifted her Ksh 100,000 as push gift after baby Keilah was born?

“If I speak I’ll ruin her life forever” Mulamwah on breakup with baby mama, Carol Sonnie

Mulamwah is not ready to talk about his break up with his long term girlfriend, Carol Sonnie who doubles up as her baby mama. However, this evening the comedian gave fans a reason to believe that he is not to blame for the untimely breakup.

According to Mulamwah, his reasons to walk out of his previous relationship are personal; but again he makes it obvious that baby mama is to blame while responding to a fan who asked why he called off the relationship.

As seen in a QnA post, the fan asked;

Why did you breakup with Sonnie?

Mulamwah hurting

To which Mulamwah responded;

Everyone asks this I choose not to speak, because if I speak, I may destroy her life forever. Affecting the little one too. Men keep quiet to protect a lot of things. Laying out her linen in the public to clear my name will worsen the worst already.


Maybe one day you’ll know what really transpired. But I am not insane to make the decision I made. Men don’t walk away. Dig.


Although the comedian hints about possible betrayal with his post; it’s hard to put a finger on what may have pushed him to walk out so fast with no second thoughts.

But again, like he said – one day the truth will out.

Carol Sonnie confirms breakup with Mulamwah 2 months after welcoming their first child together

Carol Sonnie has finally confirmed breakup with comedian Mulamwah as seen in a detailed post shared on her Instagram page. The news comes just two months after the lass welcomed her first child with the comedian; and now the relationship is over like it matter.

As seen on the post, Carol went on to reveal that the breakup was mutual following certain things they both couldn’t resolve; but thanked fans for standing with them for the 4 years they accommodated and supported their brand. She wrote:

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Mulamwah and ex, Carol Sonnie

This is to make it clear that mulamwa and I are no longer together. We have both agreed and decided to part ways for reasons best known to us. Thank you so much for the love and support you gave us for those 4years, I personally don’t take it for granted .

To Mulamwah

To her dear man, Carol Sonnie also thanked him for being the best he could be to both her and their baby. She went on to mention how much she treasured him and promised to hold on to the memories. Sonnie wrote;

To mulamwa, Thank you so much for letting me be part of your life for those year I appreciate sana and I’ll forever treasure the memories. In your next step in life, I wish you nothing but the best. Keeping winning and God bless every step of your life.

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Mulamwah with Carol Sonie

And to her die hard fans who have been supporting them for the past few years, Carol addresses them saying;

To my fans, thank you for your support and love that you’ve been showing me. May God bless each and everyone of you. As I continue with this journey, allow me to be gracing your phones with amazing contents and I know for sure mtapenda????. Kuvunjika kwa mwiko sio mwisho wa kupika ugali so we MOVE FORWARD and pray for better tomorrow???? . Keep supporting and showing love. Kazi izidii???????? Love y’all .