Adorable! Catherine Kamau shares rare photos of her lookalike daughter to mark 2nd birthday

Catherine Kamau has been floating on air with happiness after her daughter Njeri turned 2 years recently; and yes we totally understand why she couldn’t keep calm.

Having had her first born while still in college, Catherine Kamau popularly known as Kate actress never got to do much for her son; but 15 years later she has every reason and all the money she needs to spoil her second child, Njeri.

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Catherine Kamau alias Kate Kamau with her adorable baby girl, baby K

As seen on her page, the toddler was taken out for classy princess photoshoot for her birthday; and the photos seem to have captivated fans by the striking resemblance between Catherine Kamau and her baby girl.

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Njeri turns 2

This comes  as a surprise judging from how Catherine Kamau once made her fans believe her daughter had taken after daddy’s genes – hence the stagnant hair growth.

However from the photos shared below, fans beg to differ judging from the striking resemblance between Catherine Kamau and her baby girl, Njeri. Anyway to mark the special milestone, Catherine captioned her daughter’s photos saying;

Let me tell you maina , I had prepared a whole photo shoot , she shot in this one dress and was DONE ,njeri hapangwingwi ????