“For that I can’t and will not apologize” Chiko Lawi explains why he offered Damian Marley half-hearted apology

Chiko Lawi has refused to fully apologize for the drama he caused at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on Monday May 29th.

The Capital FM presenter was seen in a viral video verbally abusing reggae superstar Damian Marley who had just touched down.

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Chiko Lawi apologized for the unrefined words he used during his confrontation with Damian Marley; he however made it clear that he won’t apologize for standing up against someone who insulted his mother.

Below is Chiko Lawi’s apology:

“At the plane people wanted selfies, he’s Bob Marley’s son, of course people want to. I’m a big fan. So he was ignoring people and I stepped up.. So I’m like this is Kenya, these are your fans, people you’ve come to perform for.

Damian Marley

“A bit of banter and then one of his guys says something like don’t talk to us, I’m gonna bust you. That’s when I lost it. I take my phone out, I was mad and I lost it.

“Perhaps the words I used were not good, but I was angry, like my mum has nothing to do with this, she’s in Kitengela looking at her cabbage and chicken. She doesn’t know reggae, let alone Damian Marley. Plus I don’t believe in insulting people’s mothers or their children.”

“To be honest I’m sorry, I’m an arrogant man at times, that aside the language, the profanity was excessive. It was wrong of me and I’m sorry for using the language.”

“Now, it’s unjustifiable, but don’t mistake that with me apologising for standing up against someone who is insulting my mother. For that I cannot and will not apologise.”



“Pia wewe ungechorea bro!” Sauti Sol responds to Chiko Lawi’s online rant

Some may consider Damian Marley’s reaction towards Chiko Lawi rude but hey sometimes it’s good to excuses your right of saying NO when need be.

We all saw the video of Chiko insulting Damian simply because the artist had refused to talk or rather take a selfie with him. Chiko is heard throwing around the F word and funny enough he uploaded it on his social media pages. According to Chiko, Damian had refused to take a photo with a certain young fan and this irritated him hence their confrontation.

He went on to say that the reggae artist also insulted him and this is why he could not hold back. In his post shared on Instagram he goes on to say that never in his life has he been ignored by Sauti Sol or Nyashinski who are also superstars but shockingly Sauti Sol were not in agreement with his reaction towards Damian. They wen ahead to comment to his post telling him that he should have held his cool instead of ranting out like someone who does not understand how the industry works.

Checkout their comments below:

Drama at JKIA as Capital FM’s Chiko Lawi verbally abuses Reggae superstar Damian Marley upon touch down

A physical fight between Damian Marley and Chiko Lawi was almost inevitable at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) as the Jamaican superstar set foot on Kenyan soil.

Reggae superstar Damian Marley is in Nairobi to perform this Wednesday May 31st. The Jamaican singer touched down at JKIA on Monday May 29th.

Capital FM’s Chiko Lawi was among those were at JKIA to receive Damian Marley as he arrived. But things didn’t turn out as expected; the two had a confrontation at the airport.

Chiko Lawi claimed that Damian insulted his mother and he just couldn’t let him get away with the grave offense.

“Damian Marley just ignored a young fan with her daughter because he is too tired! I just could NOT hold it back….especially when his people said f* my Moms….I almost became physical yo!!! This is Kenya….a*hole! ?? Forget Jamrock….Welcome to the 254! Here, I can keep it real…. …and y’all about to criticise me…..WHATEVER….He brought my Mother into it. ?????? Sauti Sol na Nyashinski have never insulted me….so….??” Chiko Lawi wrote on Instagram.

He also uploaded a video of himself verbally abusing Damian Marley at the airport. Damian remained calm and kept insisting that Chiko Lawi should stop recording the video.

Watch the clip below: