Mustafa talks about the physical and mental abuse he got from ex girlfriend, Noti Flow

Just recently during an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva, rapper Colonel Mustafa opened up about a few things concerning his ex girlfriend Noti Flow.

The two hooked up after bonding during the Nairobi Diaries sessions and for a minute the two became a power couple but what many didn’t know is that behind closed doors Mustafa was actually suffering.

Physical abuse

Speaking to Mzazi, the rapper for the first time revealed that Noti Flow had actually been abusing him to a point where she began biting him whenever they fight.

He went on to add that Noti Flow is the kind of girlfriend who wants to spend an entire day doing a lot of nothing yet she still complains why he is not bringing in money.

Anyway, after putting up with so much Colonel decided to walk away. He went on to open up saying;