Corazon Kwamboka unveils daughter’s face for the first time, she looks like daddy (Photo)

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym it make the most beautiful kids. Truth is, yes there are those that don’t like the couple following Frankie and Maureen’s ugly split but it’s now time to move on cause clearly – these two found happiness in each other.

Frankie shared family photos

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So far the couple has a 2 year old son and were recently blessed with a daughter whose name we are yet to know. Anyway, it’s has since been three months after baby girl was born and unlike their firstborn – Frankie and Corazon have been keeping on the low until Valentines Day when they finally unveiled her face.

As seen on Corazon Kwamboka’s page, she proudly paraded daughter to the world; and this day being special to lovers and loved ones around the world….she went on to appreciate both daughter and son saying;

The sunshine that makes my day, the reason I wake up every time I stumble. With you around, there’s a reason to believe life is full of blessings and miracles. Thank you for making me experience love like never before. My Valentines.

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Frankie and Corazon’s kids

Daddy’s girl

From the photo shared above, it’s only fair to say that baby girl took after her papa – which is not bad since the prettiest girls take after their dads, right?

Anyway with celebrities unveiling their baby daddies, baby bumps and photos of their kids…what are you doing on this special day? Ama it can never be you?