Former socialite Corazon Kwamboka shares 5 ways to maintain a healthy relationship

We have honestly never seen Corazon Kwamboka this happy! After bagging herself a handsome man, Frankie Just Gym It – the former socialite has been nothing but head over heels for her man.

This is however not the only love she has been receiving – but just part of it. In order for her to learn how to love her man, she needed to love herself first and that is what she did.

Corazon Kwamboka

As seen on one of her latest posts, Corazon Kwamboka goes on to share 5 unknown tips of learning to love and accept yourself the right way. She wrote;

#Be grateful for your body. Practice gratitude for your body and notice the beautiful things about you. Stand in front of a mirror everyday until you can list at least one thing you love about yourself.

#Be kind to yourself. Be intentional about nutrition, exercise and also remember give yourself a treat once in a while.

Love yourself

According to the lady, many have never learnt the art of loving themselves – which ends up affecting them even when they jump into a relationship.

To share more points concerning this, the lady added:

Frankie Kiarie and Corazon Kwamboka all loved up

#Let go of your perfectionism. Stop obsessing over tiny details and putting pressure on yourself to look a certain way. Stop telling yourself how you’re not good enough and accept yourself for who you are, love even the parts of you that you think are imperfect. Do this and you’ll see how much confidence you’ll exude

#Be less judgemental; most times we judge others in order to feel good about ourselves but it’s very unkind. Catch yourself the next time you want to judge someone around you for how they look or behave. Practicing kindness and acceptance towards others is a step to becoming more mindful of our thoughts.

#Notice your internal critic. Stop telling yourself those negative nasty things. Turn down the volume of your internal critic and swap the negative statements you tell yourself to positive ones. Stop worrying about the things you cannot change and appreciate how unique and amazing you are.