Kamba curse? Why Betty Kyallo and Lilian Muli’s relationships always fail

Right off the bat, allow me to admit that the title was tongue-in-cheek. In discussing Betty Kyallo and Lillian Muli’s failed relationships, there will be nothing about a Kamba curse. This is first and foremost because ethnicity has no bearing on an individual’s personality and secondly because I am not a superstitious lout who puts any thought towards curses and other nonsense.

Nick Ndeda on why dating Betty Kyallo is too much pressure

That said, the two media personalities have a lot in common including their ethnicity. But what really binds them together is the fact that they are both modern women. As a result of this fact, they have both been married and failed at that. They are both now single mothers and both have had a string of ill-fated relationships that have not just ended in heartbreak but often times public scandal to boot.

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo had announced that she was dating a city lawyer by the name of Nick Ndeda and the internets went wild. Every single, over 30, career driven woman was elated at the news. It meant that there was hope yet for her. The same thing happened when the Nairobian, Standard Group’s tabloid ran stories about Lillian Muli dating Jared Nevaton, a shadowy businessman. These two women were held up as examples of there being love at the end of the tunnel.

Nasty Break-Up? Nick Ndeda Unfollows Betty Kyallo As She Deletes Their Photos On Instagram

The two ladies are clearly capable of finding love or it’s cheap imitation. So if they can attract men, why can’t they seem to keep any of these men? Well, there is no single answer to that question but rather a series of interesting answers. Let’s get right into the whys and the wherefores.

#1. Both Betty Kyallo and Lillian Muli are boss babes

Forget what your favourite vapid feminist influencer tells you, no man wants to date let alone marry a boss babe. Why? Because for some reason, this makes women insufferable. No man wants to have to deal with a woman who believes herself to be in competition with him. Sure, we want a woman who has the business savvy to run their enterprises or to pursue their career but the minute I have to start competing with you in the house then I want out. Men want women who will give them peace.

The only benefit Nick Ndeda gets from dating Betty Kyallo

Proverbs 27:15
A constant dripping on a day of steady rain
And a contentious woman are alike;

#2. They are famous so men want to be associated with them

When they were younger, men saw them as trophies. The cherry ontop of their successful careers or businesses. Now that they are older, men still consider a romp with them as somewhat of an achievement. They figure that sleeping with such famous celebrities is worth more than your average bedpost notch. And as a result, their DMs will forever more be flooded by thirsty men looking for that cheap thrill till their sixties.

Lillian Muli Complaining About Dating Rich Men Is Nonsense

#3. They conflate sexual desire with relationship desire

Back to the second point; just because a man desires you sexually doesn’t mean he desires a relationship wit you. This is sadly a lesson very few women in Nairobi seem to fully grasp. Simply because you have many men in your DMs doesn’t mean any one of them would jump at the opportunity to wife you up. And getting the two conflated is the reason why Betty Kyallo and Lillian Muli have had such unfulfilling and shortlived relationships. I guarantee you that they already rue not cherishing their first marriages enough. I mean, sure, a lot of men want to take them on exotic destination vacations but that is only for as long as they excite their hormones. Once that novelty is worn out, its back to the streets for the two bitter media darlings.

Former couple, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari

#4. Buggage

Do you think that having been in loving relationships and failing at them doesn’t make a person jaded? And don’t you think jaded individuals carry that attitude like a chip on their shoulder into the next relationship? The two divorces between the pair is buggage enough. No man wants to be compared to their woman’s past lovers. And no man wants to have to deal with famous men in his woman’s list of lovers.
And seeing how they both aired out their former partners and the fathers of their children, which man would be willing to risk such publicly played out drama? No man worth his salt, that’s who.

Lillian Muli needs to stop giving dating advice and focus on herself

#5. They are single mothers

I mean, show me a single man worth his salt who would choose to take on another man’s children. Any man who knows he has options with women would not. And that is even when they have children of their own because life is simply not fair. No man wants to play part time dad to Denis Okari’s now Jared Nevaton’s child. So both Betty Kyallo and Lillian Muli find themselves hamstrung by this fact.

I am sure there are plenty of reasons more but these are the ones that jumped me at a cursory glance. Feel free to add more or debate with yourself on whether or not I am wrong.

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Why Okari and Frankie moved on but Betty Kyallo and Maureen Waititu can’t

Denis Okari and Frankie Kiarie or as most of you know him, Frankie Just Gym It have two things in common; the first that they were blamed by their ex-wives, Betty Kyallo and Maureen Waititu respectively, blamed them for being the reason why their marriages failed.

Betty Kyallo repairing relationship with Denis Okari and we love it

The second would be the fact that after their partners dropped them, they both have moved on long before their partners did and for some reason, Kenyans decided that they had betrayed their partners for moving on.

betty kyallo

Denis Okari was blamed by his ex-wife, Betty Kyallo in the many interviews she conducted after their split but one that comes to mind is an interview she granted True Love. In that interview, she painted a damning image of the type of man and relationship she had with Denis Okari. From failed traditional weddings to an inattentive man.

Lessons we hope Denis Okari will teach Betty Kyallo about marriage

Maureen Waititu on her part framed Frankie Just Gym It out to be a man who couldn’t be bothered to help quell her insecurities. You see, in an interview on Radio Jambo with Japanni Massawe, Maureen claimed that Frankie Just Gym It (who is a good looking man and infact a Wafula Thundercock) would receive a lot of female attention and rather than silence her doubts, he would ignore the matter and Maureen’s feelings altogether.

corazon with frankie just gym it

Denis Okari was painted as a fatally flawed man whom no woman would love and I admit that I watched the whispers take a toll on him. He went missing from the public eye. Turns out he was working on himself. And along the way, he found a woman who has made him a very happy husband.
Betty Kyallo on her part has jumped from relationship to relationship, racking up the mileage points, all the while deluding herself that a high-value man would see value in her and wife her up.

Daddy duties! Never before seen photo of Dennis Okari spending quality time with daughter, Ivanna

Frankie Just Gym It picked himself up after being dumped and he went on to pick himself up and saunter right into Corazon Kwamboka’s arms. And he is clearly welcome and comforted there. All the while this has been going on, Maureen Waititu is clearly affected by the fact her ex-husband has moved on.

maureen waititu

So why have these men been able to move on so quickly? At a glance it would seem that it is because they were not the problem in their marriages. But I would go so far as to posit that Frankie Just Gym It and Denis Okari are clearly of far higher value than their partners on a relationship and dating scale. plain and simple.

Maureen Waititu: Revenge is a dish best served cold

Frankie Just Gym It is a good looking celebrity fitness trainer. Any woman would be happy to have him. And he doesn’t seem to be half as toxic as Maureen Waititu would have us believe.
Denis Okari is a successful media personality with an incredible career ahead of him and he has been taking care of himself. Clearly, any woman would have to be mad to pass up the opportunity to start a family with him.

frankie just gym it

This is a true world dating reality that shows the two celebrity women that the dating market has not reacted well to what they have to offer and we could cheat each other that this is the market’s fault but we understand basic economics.

Daddy duties! Never before seen photo of Dennis Okari spending quality time with daughter, Ivanna

Denis Okari and Frankie Just Gym It is basically so high value that the fact that they had messy divorces/ breakups, the fact they have chatterbox exes nd the fact that they have children did not dissuade their next partners one bit.

denis okari


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Kenyan celebrity marriages are a reflection of the state of Kenyan marriages

When we take Kenyan celebrity marriages into account, more often than not, we are discussing failures rather than success and that is because we discuss the likes of Nice Wanjeri and Wagithomo or whatever her husband calls himself. We are discussing Betty Kyallo and Denis Okari, DNG and his ex-wife, Willis Raburu and his wife Marya Prude.

Nyce Wanjeri reveals more details that led to marriage collapsing: He has never even bothered to meet my parents after seven years 

And unfortunately, this situation reflects the state of Kenyan marriages in Kenya in a way that can get too uncomfortable for most people to admit. Kenyan celebrities face the same issues and things aren’t looking too rosy for marriages in Kenya.

betty kyallo and denis okari

You see, if we take each individual couple as an example, it will allow us a better view of how things work in terms of the challenges Kenyan marriages face. For example, we could start with Willis Raburu and Marya Prude.

Lessons we hope Denis Okari will teach Betty Kyallo about marriage

In this case, the first issue that we can see was the trial of the miscarriage. That is a larger issue that plagues Kenya: our healthcare sector is a joke. However, that only served to exacerbate a clearly bad situation because the couple went for a short vacation in America and even that couldn’t save their marriage. We were instead treated to stories of their separation being occasioned by infidelity.

dng and his ex wife

When we take DNG and his ex-wife, it was clearly a case of a couple that decided to get married to satisfy societal and familial pressure. That is why they engaged in a disastrous marriage after such an expensive wedding. The couple were clearly not on the same page when it comes to the important issues that form the foundation of a marriage and family. And this issue isn’t unique to them. Kenyan celebrities also get the same pressure from society and their families to “step up” and get married when they arrive at a certain age even if they aren’t financially or mentally prepared for such a big step.

Wedding bells! DNG set to walk down the aisle again after bad luck with first marriage which only lasted 11 months

Another Kenyan celebrity couple we can look at is Betty Kyallo and Denis Okari. These two divorced from each other because their marriage was rocked with the most unforgivable of sins: infidelity.

nice wanjeri and her new beau

But what happens when you find out your spouse has been unfaithful or when you begin to become close to another individual right at the point where you and your partner are experiencing a low point in the marriage? This situation engulfs many marriages but Kenyans largely act like this is a foreign concept.

Dr Ofweneke describes his ideal woman days after he revealed he was ready to remarry

Nice Wanjeri and Wagithomo were a couple who hit the skids when the woman, Nice began to get to enjoy success in her career and her husband says she became a problem to deal with. As a result, they went their separate ways. This is a Kenyan celebrity couple that experienced the problem of what to do when a woman becomes the main breadwinner. And this is a problem many modern couples face and what happens then?

These Kenyan celebrity couples are an example of what Kenyan couples deal with and they are a very good reflection of what happens when these circumstances aren’t handled well.


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Betty Kyallo repairing relationship with Denis Okari and we love it

Betty Kyallo seems to be taking steps towards healing herself and fixing her relationship with her ex-husband and the father of her daughter Ivanna, Denis Okari.

Why it is good that Betty Kyallo is taking a break from dating

You see, the two had a whirlwind romance that took the imagination of a lot of Nairobi women’s imaginations by storm. They quickly became what is referred to as “couple goals”.

betty kyallo

Betty Kyallo and Denis Okari then got married and even their employers, KTN and NMG respectively got in on their wedding to celebrate Kenya’s most celebrated wedding. They even got so much free stuff to help them mark the day that the wedding literally became an extended sponsored content feature.

Lessons we hope Denis Okari will teach Betty Kyallo about marriage

But as quickly as their relationship took us by storm, the love left their union and we were met with rumours of infidelity. And then it was confirmed that the couple was separated and there was a governor in the mix. Betty Kyallo only ever referred to him as Hassan but the fact that she was seen using his car and reportedly even living in one of his properties in Nairobi was confirmation enough.

betty kyallo

And from there going forward, Betty Kyallo and Denis Okari were antagonistic to each other with Betty playing the major role in keeping that sentiment going.

Betty Kyallo´s hot replacement at K24 now turning heads (Photos)

Things came to a head when a few months back, Denis Okari’s friend Ken Mijungu came out to reveal that he felt his friend was not only being disrespected but he was also being sidelined when it came to their daughter Ivanna. Betty Kyallo’s family quickly got involved for a second time. The first time was when her brother alleged that Denis Okari was a violent husband (a claim that he never backed with any proof, he was just pointing and sputtering). This time, Betty Kyallo’s sister came out to tell us that he wasn’t there for their daughter when she was ill and admitted in the ICU.

Denis Okari and Ivanna

Since then, however, things have changed. For Betty, her professional setting has changed with K24 choosing to release her from her contract. Her many relationships have each gone belly-up be they romantic or with her former househelp. And she has had a change of heart so she reached out to denis Okari.

Betty Kyallo reveals how being at KTN gave her pressure to look perfect (Video)

At the end of the day, Denis Okari was only too eager to give co-parenting a try (something we sensed was true of his nature) ad so they are finally giving it their all. Denis Okari has since married another woman but he has made it clear to everyone involved in his life that his daughter Ivanna is an important aspect of his life.

denis okari and betty kyallo
Former couple, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari

And that brings us to the fact that they even celebrated their daughter Ivanna’s sixth birthday together. This is a wonderful thing because as studies have shown, children need both parents around for them to turn out balanced, for them to also have the best shot at succeeding at life.

We are here for it. Because at the end of the day, a lot of Kenyans look up to both Denis Okari and Betty Kyallo and seeing them work towards making a proper co-parenting arrangement.

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Lessons we hope Denis Okari will teach Betty Kyallo about marriage

Apparently Betty Kyallo has been trying to mend the fences with Denis Okari. Why this a significant step, especially with the recent public tiffs they have had, should be clear for all to see but I will enumerate.

Betty Kyallo runs to lawyers following her untimely resignation at K24

The couple who share a daughter as the fruit of their brief but passionate love was recently in the headlines with Betty Kyallo’s sister attacking Denis Okari through a post aimed at his friend, Ken Mijungu. Actually, this was a good example of a proxy war, with Denis Okari having his say through Ken and Betty Kyallo having her say through her sister.

Betty Kyallo

And that exchange left their already strained relationship (as evidenced by the exchange) even more acrimonious. But then recently, in 2020, Betty Kyallo simply stated that whenever she gets drunk, she drunk-dials her exes. And then, add to this the fact that she recently revealed she talks to Denis Okari about their daughter so perhaps he will be able to reach her mind and convince her of the following truths about marriage:

Betty Kyallo finally reveals intimate details of her Somali bae (Video)

Stop trying to upgrade

Pick a man who satisfies your hypergamy and be sated. Stop getting swayed by governors and businessmen. When you decide to settle down and a man picks you, accept whom you have and should the notion to stray strike you, have the common sense to be discreet. Speaking of discretion…

betty kyallo posing

Keep your private life private

Betty Kyallo has one major flaw: she is always putting her private affairs out in public. It makes sense for her to want to publicize her brand because she is a public figure but she should learn what deserves to remain private. Her love life and her daughter do. I once heard on a show on Kiss100, some guy say, “There is a difference between secrecy and privacy. Secrecy locks the demons in, privacy locks the demons out”.
Betty Kyallo should learn to keep what she loves and wants to protect, private.

Betty Kyallo takes new stand on marriage after recent meeting with Dennis Okari (Video)

Learn to be homely

Betty Kyallo from whispers in the entertainment scene is anything but a quiet lass. She is a party girl who loves the ritz and glitz of the nightlife. These rumours remain just that but even her househelp came out and accused her of going missing from her home and house for weekend benders. Betty should begin to calm down and enjoy homely pursuits because at the end of the day, while women control sex and who has access to it, men control relationships and who has access to it. And guess what, most Kenyan men will want a semblance of traditionalism in their marriage.

Ms Betty Kyallo

Time is not on your side

Betty Kyallo is not a spring chicken no more. And it is time she faces this reality. AShe isn’t as attractive as she remembers and cannot attract the same calibre of men as she used to. Add to this the fact that she had a very public and messy divorce that featured prominent infidelity allegations against her person and she also has a child in tow. Like it or not, these are the sort of things that alienate men seeking serious relationships.
And she isn’t getting any younger. So if she manages to land a successful man, she should be cognizant of the time trap.

“Ivanna prefers her dad to me,” Betty Kyallo speaks co-parenting

Drop your lofty standards

As we said earlier, Betty Kyallo isn’t a spring chicken nor the pick of the litter any more. Yes, she has dated the ultimate in men’s men from governors to businessmen and top-billed journalists but she isn’t at the point in her life where any of these men would have her as their first option. She was not the governor’s first pick and I would argue that she wouldn’t be the businessmen’s first or only pick. As a result, she needs to get realistic about her “standards”.

Work on healing yourself

Betty Kyallo needs to actually heal herself. This would involve forgiving herself and more importantly, accepting herself. If her former best friend Susan Kaittany is to be believed, Betty Kyallo needs to take some time off of the limelight and retrospect on her life. This will ensure she actually lands a healthy relationship with a balanced man and that when she has this, she will know to appreciate and value said relationship even though it will be more boring than the highs (and lows) of being the superstar.


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