40-year-old Makena leaves team Mafisi gasping for air after flaunting her yellow yellow curvy body(photos)

Popular DJ Pierra Makena is aging like fine wine.

The mother of one who will be hitting 40 years old pretty soon took to social media to remind younger ladies that her sexy days aren’t over. Not yet.

She posted a few photos on social media wearing a padded ripped jeans that magnified her lovely curves and she just looks lovely.

“You will be happy!!! But first I’ll make you strong….???????? Life. UGANDA SEE YOU SOON!!! GOOD NIGHT MY LOVES.” she said. 

Adding: The last one as i walk away……niteynite..! @victor_maish thanks for taking the picture and being in it….genius!????????”

The photos come just three years after giving birth and she’s been really working hard to regain her sexy body. Well, so far soo good Makena and keep it up.

Here are the photos:



38-year-old DJ Makena says she’s not yet ready for marriage: Searching for someone who really speaks to my heart is not easy

DJ Pierra Makena isn’t ready to walk down the aisle any time soon because she hasn’t found someone worth it.

The mother of one who recently clocked 38 years revealed that she’s not in a rush to settle down because she’s looking for someone who will understand her.

“I’m not ready for marriage, not ready to be someone’s wife yet. I’m not in a rush. Searching for someone who really speaks to my heart is not easy,” she said in an interview with Mpasho. 


Makena said that though her love with her baby daddy went sour and he walked away, she’s still not afraid of loving again. But, she’s keeping everything private now more than ever.

“I believe in love. Many people thought that after the breakup I would not love again. I tend to give a lot of love, I get to receive a lot of love. But you know what, I never put my love life in public. I am a loved girl. I really like to keep my life private,” she said. 


“Nowadays I look for the heart. It’s not all about material things. I love someone who speaks to my heart.” she posted. 

Game of Thrones´ fans out to explain DJ Pierra Makena´s ´Satanic-themed´ cake

Over the weekend, celebrated female DJ, Pierra Makena shared photos and videos on how her birthday went down, but what about her ´GOT themed´ cake?


The talented Kenyan entertainer just clocked 38 and many showed her love, through numerous ´Congratulations´ messages.

However, the theme of her birthday cake went wrong with many questioning the intent behind the whole decor.

Some even call it, ´Demonic´, others ´Satanic´, others even ´a coffin´.

The American fantasy drama television series, Game of Thrones has its season finale´s debut, highly awaited.

Probably, her intention was to revise the public´s anticipation for the series debut.


Mixed reactions

Fans not conversant with the layout, questioned her motive and thoughts about the birthday cake:

You used to be my mentor,.. But with the cake it tells a lot…..i pity myself for being fooled.


Oooh Lord deliver my child from evil blood


It looks demonic…. It´s actually a coffin plus msalaba


For God´s sake where did you get the inspiration from


Wait…skeletons, dragon???? I´m lost????????


Hata kama huu si ungwana ….I see demons.


????????why such a cake with dead people


Hbd my favorite DJ,,,watu mnaongelea ???? tu kwani hamwoni the whole thing inakaa kaburi


Don´t give the devil a legal ground in your life I feel for you hata kama ni game of thrones.

Probably for those well acquainted with the American series, GOT, these were their views:

Game of thrones.

Very creative I love it.


Happy Birthday Pierra, from the comments you can tell those who haven´t watched GOT.


That´s like the best cake ever!!!!!

Someone should share it with @gameofthrones @gotinsider


All I wanna know is who pulled of this GOT cake it´s dope AF.


Time to sit on the iron throne and rule over the seven kingdoms????????

Happy 38th birthday to the beauty and to the GOT fans, mjibambe!