Tit for Tat? Frankie Just Gym It shares abusive message receipt from baby mama Maureen Waititu after exposè

The drama between Maureen Waititu and Frankie Just Gym it just got real; and just when we thought Corazon Kwamboka snatched the guy from mama boys – fans can’t help but remain thankful that the former couple parted ways.

I mean the level of toxicity in that relationship is just tiresome to even think they lasted that long.

Anyway after Maureen Waititu exposed the dirt in coparenting with her ex; turns out that Frankie Just Gym It has been playing the victim – giving his fans a reason to attack the mother of children.

Maureen Waititu with their sons

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Frankie attacks baby mama

Judging from how things are moving between Frankie and Maureen Waititu; lets just say that the two have so much bitterness going on and at this point, all fans can do is watch as the drama unfolds.

Anyway with this out, Frankie has also decided to hit back with a screenshot showing some of the insults from Maureen. In the post shared on Frankie’s Vblog, Maureen is seen calling the other woman;  ‘a gardening tool’ who she strongly believes Frankie chose over his boys.

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Although it is no secret that Frankie moved on; the post shared by Frankie Just Gym it also confirms that his ex may have not fully moved on. If not, probably the love that was has now turned to hatred

She allegedly wrote;

Maureen Waititu’s alleged WhatsApp screenshot

From the content above, of course bitterness was involved at the time the messages were sent; and this could be the reason why the time stamp on the WhatsApp post was not revealed.