Journalist Edgar Obare fears for his life, goes into hiding

Video blogger Edgar Obare has revealed that a reliable source has warned him against meeting Jalang’o; who is allegedly working with Babu Owino, Obia and a few officials from the DCI to put him behind bars.

The popular journalist who has been doing quite well with his exposés on Instagram and YouTube is now hiding as he fears for his dear life. Edgar revealed this in a series of screenshots shared on his page. He went on to post saying;

Edgar’s post

He went on to add saying that after refusing to show up for the meeting; Jalang’o allegedly got  angry saying;

Edgar exposes Jalang’o

Since this was not an official summon or rather interview with Milele FM where Jalang’o works; Edgar went on to post saying,

Reliable source?

Anyway Edgar says that he was forced to leave his house in the middle of the night after a close source warned him that they (Jalang’o, Obia and Babu Owino) were after him. He shared yet another post which read to say;

Source warns Edgar
Reliable source warns Edgar

Another post read;

However the vblogger has come out to inform his followers about the ongoing plot against him saying:

Vblogger fears for his life