“They beat me and took pictures of my penis” Edgar Obare cries after hours of suffering in the hands of the Kenya Police

Blogger Edgar Obare was yesterday arrested by unknown persons as he made his way to court. However upon reaching the gate; Edgar says he was approached by 3 men dressed in plain clothes who asked him to identify himself. And right after giving out his name they quickly held him by his pants forcing him into a waiting car.

Of course by seeing this, Edgar says he knew something was up as the ‘policemen’ who kidnapped him were not ready to answer his questions. According to Edgar, these same people tried getting access into his phone; but knowing his rights, the refused and this where it got real.

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Apart from putting a hooded mask on his head, they also put handcuffs on him. However thanks to the mask he had on, the tea master says he managed to peep through and this is when he realized they were on Thika road. All this time Edgar says these police men seemed interested in his job (blogging) which seemed to have landed hi in grave danger.

The humiliation

Having posted stories about Jalang’o, Size 8 and DJ Mo, Joho among other top popular faces; Edgar couldn’t really tell who was out to torment him yet he already had a case in court.

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Reading through the detailed posts shared by Mr Obare, we also understand that he was kicked, punched and even denied some water at some point.

However what seems to have hit him harder is the fact that they stripped him naked by cutting all his clothes upto hid boxers. What’s more weird is that one of the guys seated at the front had been taking photos of his penis; and this is where Edgar Obare broke into pieces.

On his post, the blogger talked about feeling mortified and humiliated by how fellow men could be so comfortable to take such action on him. But hey, have you met the Kenyan police? From the stories shared around…one can easily tell they are as heartless as they come.