Why Bahati shutting down EMB Records is a blow to Kenyan gospel

Bahati is one of the most polarising gospel artist, celebrity and entertainer in Kenya. Very few people are on the fence about him with most either having taken up a strong dislike to him or holding him in high esteem. He has had a storied career that has seen him not just perform for the president during his campaigns but also set up and run his own record label, Eastlands Most Beloved Records or as it is colloquially known, EMB Records.


Nothing best illustrates this than Khaligraph Jones who in a recently released song teaser rapped about Bahati going from “mtoto wa mama” to becoming “mtoto wa Diana“.


And that is peak Bahati because he did indeed go from having all the goodwill an artist can possibly have to becoming loved and reviled in equal measure. But the one thing that seems to have been lost to the hate is the fact that Bahati shutting down EMB Records is a huge blow for the gospel scene.

The end of an Era! Bahati officially shuts down EMB record label, he explains why

Yes, when Bahati opened EMB Records, it was shrouded in the cloud of controversy as a foreign-based Kenyan businessman accused Bahati of conning him. It was alleged that this was how he got his seed funding. Add to that the fact that Bahati’s artists have all left EMB Records and accused him of unscrupulous business practices. Yes, Bahati was signing his artists on virtual slave contracts that would span 10 years.


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And although everything we have heard about EMB Records is a problem, the one good thing that came out of Bahati’s establishing EMB Records was the fact that Kenya had another record label that would take risks on young unknown talent.

That alone was the saving grace Eastlands Most Beloved Records.

And it is a powerful factor because one of the biggest complaints Kenyan youth have is the fact that there are limited facilities and the owners of these facilities do not take risks on them. Bahati, for better or for worse, did. So sure, he is arrogant and a bit of an asshole, sure he is an underhanded businessman but he would give unknown young artists the opportunity to realize their dreams.



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Bahati now teams up with Boondocks gang for “Taniua” gospel song

When the noise around gengetone music going to church then here comes another dubbed “Taniua” by Bahati featuring Boondocks gang.

EMB records CEO Bahati seems to have known how to capitalize on scandals. I mean it was just the other day that he was trending for getting Peter Blessing arrested.

Then I remember saying his drama was louder than his music.

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Well, it’s obvious he thrives on that. Here now he drops “Taniua”  loosely translates to “kill me”. This is a phrase that was made famous by Exray as a signature tune.

Bahati and Odi Wa Murang'a

However, the concept for this song is around a guy that is trying to reevaluate his life, torn between Christianity and the worldly fun.

For one I give credit for the team up despite knowing that this would spark a conversation among netizens. Furthermore, I believe Bahati knew this would be good for business.

Especially after the drama, he has had lately.

The lyrics are quite hard to understand for those that struggle with the Kenyan sheng. Yes, the idea was well put but too difficult for some people.

But anyway here it is. The lyrics have too much weight around kishada and hangovers.


On the other hand, I will give credit where it’s due, Boondocks gang delivered their lines just as expected. The beat to the song is also not badly off.

The delivery of the song would have been better with clearer lyrics because no matter what happens I believe God deserves His respect.

We can play around with everything but not the truth about the gospel.

For that in one sense if the song was merely for entertainment then I say good job, however, I will be lying if I say that many will sit down to listen to this for any conviction purpose. It’s all wrongly done but well-intended.

Your thoughts?

Bahati is back with a new single dubbed ‘Unavyonipenda’

Bahati is back with a new single dubbed Unavyonipenda.  This comes in a few months after his last collaboration The gospel singer runs his own label EMB records which experienced a loss of few artists this year. Bahati is known for his good work in the gospel work.

Also, we must admitted that Baba Heaven is talented and unavyonipenda confirms it. Unavyonipenda is all about God’s love. He asks what if God was a human being. Anyway it is God’s love for us that keeps us on this earth.

This single is dope and it just confirms that Bahati ain’t leaving the gospel industry like other small boys we know.


In addition to the good voice, we realize that is a lot that has been done for the success of Unavyonipenda. The video is of high quality. Also, the background and setting was a great choice. Have you looked at the costumes? They are just so in line with the theme and very creative. EMB records is still up there.

Also, audio production is also great. The beats are well equalized and the audio well mixed. One can clearly here the words and it is just amazing.

The video was directed by Steve Mugo.

Delivery of ‘Unavyonipenda’

In most cases the emotions brought in a song that what’s captures listeners or viewers attention. Bahati does so well in delivering the song. It is filled with emotions and at some point he is shading tears. This is just.. I do not know how to describe it.

Also, if you listen to all his work, you’ll realize that he is always emotional. The lyrics are great and how they have been brought out is amazing. Kama binadamu Nimejawa madhaifu Lakini upendo wako Yesu Umeshinda dhambi nguvu. This line is so true for those who believe in Christ existence.

Unavyonipenda is a hit. For those who love cool music, I’d recommend this jam. Bahati should concentrate more on music now.  Yes he is talented and he should keep us entertained.

I give the song a rating of 7/10.

Below is a link to the video.