Chidinma and Flavour’s new jam “40 years ” is worth your time(Video)

Nigerian music artists are on a musical spree in releasing EPs that is just what might be needed. With artists like Teniola, Runtown among others having their latest jams allover, one would say they are on the right track.

This time celebrated musicians Chidinma and Flavour have teamed up for a release of a new jam dubbed “40 years “.

This is amidst the speculations of a collaborative EP release by the two.

In what seems like a love song it also gives you a reason to a grove and reminisce about love.

40 yrs

40 years is just one of the songs among many that fans should watch out for. These two did not come to play.

However, “40yrs Everlasting” EP had exceptional production preference from Oscar, Masterkraft, Fiokee and Elense Bakassi.

Further in the song, the two characters are talking about their love and what it means to them now and what it will be at “40 yrs” on.

40 yrs

On the other hand, still with speculations of whether  Flavor and Chidinma are a couple, we must admit they look good together.

The “Ololufe” hitmakers raised eyebrows when they were caught on camera locking lips on several occasions. Well, we will keep our eyes open to this.

They go on to tell us how they going to love each other 40 yrs from now. Chidimna says she will keep cuddling and holding him.


She further says that no matter what happens they have to stick together for the sake of love.

Without their money, they say their love is more important.


This is what seems like the ultimate vow exchange kinda song. Why? Because it states all the vows like “In sickness and in poor health, Na who go dey by your side, You’re the real one Dey with you soldier we go fight till the end…”

I mean who doesn’t want this kind of love?

They both did justice to the song vocally and the visuals too were well put.

As we keep waiting for the complete Ep we must give it to them. Good job. I am sure Kenyan fans like me are not disappointed at all.

For rating, I will go with 8/10. Tell us what you think.

Teni from Nigeria is dreaming the “Billioniare” dream in new jam its worth your time(Video)

When we thought Nigerian music was slowly fading , we were mistaken. Nigeria’s 2018 break out star Teniola Apata alias Teni is back on the entertainment scene with new jam dubbed “Billionaire”. 

According to OkayAfrica, the once comic entertainer and Case hit maker  has proven that she did not come to play.

Teni has had a successful track record in music and production. More so she has been able to create her own niche in the entertainment industry.



In the new jam “Billionaire”, Teni sings of her aspirations to be a one and what she will do with that kind of money.

The Dr Dolor Entertainment,  song is one among those in her EP that goes with the songs tittle “Billionaire.”

For one, she has been keen to highlight her desire which I believe can resonate with most people on the globe.

Furthermore the song was Produced by Pheelz, who put in a feel good vibe that gives you reason to dance to it.


On the other hand, the song stands out with  her use of bits of comedy in her delivery. In her quest to be a billionaire she goes to a Television show and plays a game.

The host asks her who can be trusted to answer a questions for a chance to win 1 billion and she calls one who eventually answers correctly.

It was later determined that she had won money and was a billionaire. I mean who doesn’t need money?

The joy in  the people on the video was a representation of family and friends that were happy for her victory.

Teni is definitely a force that has not been fully embraced but worth every dime of attention.


Teni’s new music video for “Billionaire” is directed by TG Omori, who we published  as the director breathing new life into Nigerian videos.

As she enjoys the bliss in the video production we hope she gets to the Billionaire cup. In the meantime we dance to the tune.

For rating I will go with 7/10.Tell us what you think.