“Pambana na uzazi wa kwako…wangu niachie!” Hamisa Mobetto tells off fan

For the past few days Hamisa Mobetto has been sharing her son’s photos on Instagram giving many a reason to talk.

Judging from the new photos we can all agree that Deedaylan undeniably took after his daddy, Diamond Platnumz especially with his looks.


Despite their awful start as father and son; the Bongo singer has lately been acknowledging that Deedaylan is his last born son. This comes at a time when Diamond Platnumz allegedly abandoned Tiffah and Nillan making Deedaylan the only child he is currently spending time with.

Celebrity baby

Being among the top rich kids of Bongo thanks to his mum and dad; there are a few people who feel they have an opinion on the young boy’s life.

Hamisa and Diamond Platnumz son

A fan by the name of Gloria left Hamisa Mobetto breathing fire after she decided to school the mum of two on how to style her son. Judging from her comment, seems that Gloria did not think it through before posting it on Deedaylan’s photo.

However, this time around Hamisa Mobetto did not let this slide as she fired back at the fan. She went on to tell the lady;


Zari throws shade at Hamisa’s son after claiming Nillan is the handsome version of Diamond Platnumz

Seems that Diamond Platnumz baby mamas know no boundary. For quite sometime now Zari and Hamisa Mobetto have not been in good terms especially after realizing that they shared the Bongo singer.

Zari openly shows that she is not in good terms with Hamisa Mobetto but their beef seems to be now directed to their kids. This comes shortly after a new photo was shared on Nillan’s page but what caught many people’s attention is the caption where Zari wrote saying;

Who is the ugly version?

Looking at the photo Nillan definitely looks like his daddy but the comments left on the photo show how fans joined in to attack Hamisa’s son, Dee Daylan.


Not quite sure whether this was Zari’s intention but I highly doubt that a fellow mum would insight social media users to attack a toddler.

Anyway so far everything seems possible with these celebrities!

Read the comments below:



Hamisa Mobetto blocks and deletes Diamond Platnumz photos from their son’s page

After being blocked by Zari’s son’s, Diamond Platnumz has suffered the same fate with his own son Dee Daylan.

This comes a few hours after the bongo singer publicly accused Hamisa Mobetto of practicing witchcraft. The singer went further to add he was aware Mobetto and her mum were using juju in order to confuse him into marrying her.

The accusations have left many shocked as to how Diamond would publicly embarrass the mother of his child; but then again didn’t he treat Zari the same?

Hamisa done with Diamond Platnumz

Judging from the major clean up done on Dee Daylan’s page; we can now assume that she is done with her baby daddy.

All the adorable photos of Dee with his daddy have been pulled down and he no longer follows him either.

It’s not clear as to why the drama came at a time where Hamisa Mobetto is building her brand, or is there more to this?

Diamond Platnumz shocks many as he celebrates his two adorable sons in new post

Now that he is a free man, singer Diamond Platnumz feels free to share his sons photos on his Instagram page. Well, he only shared Hamisa’s son after he was born but after that he never again posted any photos of him.

However his latest post has left fans talking especially after he shared both Nillan and Abdul Naseeb’s photos on his Instagram page.

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From the message he accompanied the photos with, it’s evident to see that these two will be taking after his properties that include his label company. He wrote saying;

Don’t date ‘ugly’ girls

In his message, the singer goes on to make fun of his little boys telling them not to bring him any funny looking girls; this is because he ensured to pick beautiful mothers who eventually brought them (Nillan and Naseeb) to the world.

This is actually a move we never saw coming but it’s good to see that he acknowledges his other son.

Hamisa Mobetto’s all grown up son now looking more like his mummy in new photos

Hamisa Mobetto’s son is now 6 months old and after his mum decided to keep his whereabouts on the low we now have a few photos of the boy.

To celebrate his 6 months, Hamisa Mobetto has now shared new photos flaunting his handsome son on her Instagram page.

Princes Nilan and Abdul Naseeb

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To our suprise the young man no longer looks like prince Nillan but is now a copy right of his mum. He seems to appear  lighter than expected and his lips also look like those of Diamond Platnumz.

Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz settle their differences

Hamisa Mobetto is now flaunting her baby boy 2 weeks after she took Diamond Platnumz to court over child support issues.

From what was reported it seems that the two parents came to an agreement and are now raising their son in a more peaceful way.

All grown up! Hamisa Mobetto continues to share new photos of her handsome son

Hamisa Mobetto’s baby boy Dully might have been conceived at a bad time but his mother is undeniably showering him with nothing but love.

As the first week of the year comes to an end, video vixen Mobetto has once more shared a couple of new photos flaunting her baby.

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The photos shared on her gram clearly show how fast Dully is growing and if anything, he seems to have taken after his mum’s looks and skin tone. According to the lady, her son will be turning 5 months soon and for some reason he is growing up a little too fast than expected.

Diamond Platnumz second son

Dully might be receiving rejection from his father’s side but word has it that Diamond Platnumz is taking good care of his baby.

Pretty much soon he will grow up and find

Adorable: Photos of Diamond Platnumz dad with baby Prince Abdul Naseeb

Though Diamond Platnumz does not have a good relationship with his dad, seems that his children will be closer to their grandfather especially Hamisa Mobetto’s son who was named after him.

Well, unlike Zari Hassan – Hamisa Mobetto made an effort of inviting the man to his grandson’s 40 days celebration something that left Hamisa Mobetto looking like an angel as she was the first woman to acknowledge the man as her son’s grandfather despite the harsh relationship he has with Naseebu.

From the photos making rounds on social media, it is pretty hard to overlook the ear to ear smile Mr Abdul was flashing around while holding his grandson in his arms.  Diamond Platnumz dad was also not left behind in terms of the Indian dressing code since Hamisa and her mum made an effort of gifting him with a pair of expensive shoes and clothes as seen in the photos below.

Hamisa Mobetto, Diamond Platnumz dad and his grandson
Diamond Platnumz dad and his grandson


Hamisa Mobetto parades her tiny waist a week after welcoming her 2nd born

Model, businesswoman cum video vixen Hamisa Mobetto is celebrating one week after she welcomed her handsome son Tanzanian_baby.

Though she has chosen to keep her baby off social media, the young boy already has about 50k followers on Instagram while 2 year old sister has 41k. Well, I guess this is because people have been assuming this could Diamond Platnumz son.

Hamisa Mobetto

Anyway, Hamisa has left many jealous after posting a video showing off her gorgeous baby fat free figure on her Instagram stories.

It shocking to see that she has not added any weight this time around while other women struggle to get their bodies back after delivering their children…so what could be the secret? Check out her figure below;

Hamisa Mobetto shows off her figure

“Ni mjukuu wangu!” Diamond Platnumz mum acknowledges that Hamisa Mobetto’s son is her grandson

After welcoming a healthy baby boy, video vixen, socialite cum model Hamisa Mobetto has decided to keep her life on the low but social media users cannot stop asking for the new born’s photo to see if he looks like Diamond Platnumz.

Hamisa Mobetto’s son

This is because most people have been speculating that the lass had an affair with Diamond Platnumz and since she was not dating anyone at the time she announced her pregnancy – everyone assumed that Diamond Platnumz was responsible.

Hamisa Mobetto

Anyway speaking to one of Tanzanian gossip blog Mama Diamond Platnumz confidently said that Hamisa Mobetto’s baby is her grandson and went on to add that any child born by any person who is her son’s age is also considered her child and this cannot change because she treats every young person with the same respect she gives Chibu.

Talking to Soudy Brown on phone the lady said;

“Wewe unanitafuta nini Soudy? Naumwa kifua. Watoto wote ni wajukuu zangu. Hata wewe mtoto wako ukizaa mjukuu wangu. Wewe mwenyewe mwanangu mtoto ukizaa mjukuu wangu. Wewe ni shushushu mbona hujafika hospitali kumuona? Walioniona nimeenda hospitali waambie wakuhadithie vizuri. Mimi namuombea maisha mama alee mtoto wake vizuri kwa amani na furaha.”

Well, her statement was however ambiguous as she did not reveal whether Hamisa’s son is Diamond Platnumz.

Esma Platnumz (Chibu’s sister) was also among the first people to congratulate Hamisa Mobetto through her Instagram page but when asked why she did that, the lady confidently said that Hamisa Mobetto is her close friend but not her sister in law. She said;

”Hamisa rafiki yangu siyo wifi yangu lazima niwe na furaha kwa sababu kajifungua salama. Wewe ulikuwa unataka nifanyeje? Hizo habari za Diamond mimi sizijui. Niulize mambo yangu.”