Comedian Henry Desagu reveals why his late dad thought he was on hard drugs

Comedian Henry Desagu is a talented man when it comes to cracking jokes! Apart from this, he is also a well educated man who studied economics at the Kenyatta University!

Speaking during a recent interview with a popular news outlet; the comedian for the first time opened up about his late dad revealing quite a number of things.

Comedian Desagu

Desagu who started off his career by sharing his funny videos on Facebook said that his dad passed away a few years ago; but before this his old man happened to come across one of his videos which left him wondering whether his son had gone mad!

Desagu opens up like never before

According to Desagu, his dad had to assume that he was on drugs since his appearances on the videos looked like those of man going insane.

 My dad did not have an idea of what is YouTube or even Facebook. When he saw me, he sent my sister who was doing fashion and design to make some suits for me,

However with time Desagu managed to convince his dad about his career as a comedian.

Desagu wa Mwihoko

He went on to add that by the time he had passed on; his dad already been familiar with the kind of job he was now venturing into. He went on to say;

 Before my dad died, he had understood the industry that I was in after I explained it to him.”

The funnyman went on to conclude saying;

“I used to invite him to concerts so he could understand. Plus I started paying my school fees and reducing the financial burdens since I was now making money.”