“Thank you for saving lives” Catherine Kamau to Aida Alisha after speaking out on abusive marriage

Catherine Kamau aka Celina was the main act on TV show Mother in law until Aida Alisha joined the cast as Olive – hence making the whole show more spicy.

Despite their rivalry on the TV series, these two ladies some connected as good friends in real life – and from what we’ve heard so far is that they’ve been friends for over 7 years now.


Tbt: Idah Alisha (Olive)

Speaking during an interview with Lynn Ngugi about a week ago, Olive opened up about her abusive marriage, cheating husband; and why she never spoke of her marital woes immediately after the divorce.

Young and in love

Although Olive says her ex husband was something like a villain disguised as a super amazing man – she still couldn’t bring herself to leaving him despite the everyday fights.

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Just like everything that has a beginning and an end – Olive finally gathered strength to leave a few months after their grand wedding. Close friend Catherine Kamau apparently housed her for a few months – and this is what solidified their friendship.

Well, having Catherine step in during the hardest times of her life Olive (Alisha) bonded with the lady to a point that they even became sisters.

At that point she could tell her bestie Catherine Kamau the deepest secrets from her awful marriage – which explains Kate’s reaction after Olive finally shared her story.

As seen on a comment shared by Catherine Kamau on Lynn Ngugi’s YouTube interview with Olive, she wrote;

I am so proud of you. It has taken you years to heal. Thank you for saving lives because I know you are. I love you so much. Lynn we love you so much, God bless you for this platform.

We wouldn’t really want to over-read Kate’s comment – but one things for sure…chances are that Olive’s ex man could be putting someone else’s daughter in the same situation – and because people don’t believe her – she’s ends up stuck in the toxic marriage. No? Let’s then keep our ears open.