¨Our marriage ended because we rushed into it¨ Jackie Matubia rubbishes infidelity claims

Ex-Tahidi High actress, Jackie Matubia has dismissed reports that their marriage ended following infidelity.

Speaking to Radio Jambo´s Massawe Jappanni, the mother of one narrated her breakup experience that was not easy for her mum to come to terms with.

I released myself from my marriage last year, when I told my mum about it, she was afraid that history would repeat itself. This is because she had been previously married but got divorced. Our marriage broke because we rushed into it. We had no one to guide us.

Further letting out the negative impact it had on their young daughter.

The breakup really affected our child. She would constantly cry. My baby daddy asked for forgiveness so many times.

She would constantly cry – Jackie Matubia´s explains daughter´s reaction following breakup

However, their breakup was far away from infidelity. ¨Our marriage broke because we rushed into it¨ she admitted.

It´s a lie. There is no way one can go cheating when they know very well they are married.

A Radio Jambo fan asked her to try ´Patanisho´ but she declined.

No thanks. But thank you for thinking about me.

Jackie Matubia blatantly declines ´Patanisho´ offer

Another caller – a city woman, who sought anonymity – spilled how she met Jackie´s ex, Nyogz on Tinder, but was unaware that he was a family man.

We met on Tinder. After a while, he asked for my number and since he never used to log in on the app regularly, I gave it to him. So we started talking and that is when he lured me and I agreed. I guess I was so high then.

Jackie Matubia alias Jolene and hubby, Captain Nyogz confirm split

The former Switch TV presenter however revealed that by then, they had split ways already.