Tanasha Donna’s manager Castro finally speaks after silently partying ways with the singer

It is no longer a hidden truth that Tanasha Donna and her manager, African Castro are no longer working together.

The beauty recently announced her partnership under a new manager, while African Castro unveiled his new other partnership as well.

While none of them came out to explain what has been going on, Castro finally gained the courage to speak up on the new developments.

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African Castro speaks up

David Munyua, alias African Castro, best known for his brand in digital talent management, confirmed to a local publication that he has indeed part ways with the Sawa hitmaker.

Tanasha with ex-manager, African Castro

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Turns out that the two actually went different ways roughly a month ago, leaving her in the hands on her new manager, Ciza Obare.

“It was amicable. And I will now be embarking on a different journey with my new company Established African,” the entertainment mogul mentioned.

A new home where he seeks to offer financial hacks to interested individuals in the digital space.

African Castro parts ways with Tanasha Donna

In September, during an exclusive interview, media personality Jamal Gaddafi who also happens to be Tanashas good friend, revealed he stepped aside from handling Tanashas music productions because he could not cope.

Instead chose to give in a hand in her charity foundation, Tanasha Donna Community that gives back to society.

“I’m still going to be one of her managers but I prefer to stay on the donation side,” Jamal confessed.

Tanasha aka Aisha and Jamal Gaddafi at Angels children home

The 25-year old beauty is yet to speak up on what transpired between her and African Castro. Instead continues to promote her music and upcoming performances.

Jamal Gaddafi comes clean on Natalie Tewa and Joho’s rumored love triangle (Video)

Jamal Gaddafi and Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho have been known to have close family ties and be best of friends, going to the extent of gracing private events together.

The KTN TV presenter highly respects and appreciates Joho’s presence in his life, terming him his ‘Godfather’, currently working in his team, therefore ever around each other more often than not.

Jamal Gaddafi with Ali Hassan Joho

With a Natalie Tewa and Hassan Joho love scandal that brought the Internet to a standstill, before it was declared a no-go zone, Jamal shed light on the same during his recent interview with a local blog.

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Jamal sheds light

At first, the dashing male presenter denied even knowing who Natalie is or if at all she has any links to Joho, for reasons of public content.

Rumored lovers, Hassan Joho and Natalie Tewa

First came in the question of whether Natalie was aboard the controversial plane to Dubai that hosted Junet Mohamed among others.

“I’ve only seen Natalie Tewa on blogs. But on that day for Dubai, I remember I was with the speaker for County Assembly of Mombasa, Junet was there, Joho and one of his PAs. I never saw any lady apart from the cabin crew,” he denied before clarifying.

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Jamal completely distanced himself from the claims and the speculated love affair between Mombasa Governor and the curvy vlogger.

His relationship with Tanasha

On a different note, the father of two beautiful daughters denied any entanglement with Diamond Platnumz Kenyan baby mama. Clarifying that he has only been part of her donation and music production team since her separation.

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Jamal Gaddafi and Tanasha

However, despite being her manager for the music production, Jamal admitted it has a bit taxing for him, hoping he can eventually switch back to working in her donation team where things are a bit easier.

I still want to focus on the community side. The music has a lot of pressure people don’t know. From shooting, funding, execution, promotion, it’s not a joke. I’m still gonna be one of the managers but I want to move back to donation.

Further revealing that his seemingly broken relationship with Ali Kiba has no ties to his relationship with Donna rather, that he has been away for a while.

Why Jamal Gadaffi married quickly before he got famous

Former KTN presenter Jamal Gaddafi has confessed that he was in a rush to get a cute, smart woman he can call wife before he got famous and slay queens derail him with never-ending sex offers.

Speaking in an interview on Radio Maisha, the presenter shared that he knew being famous comes with advantages and disadvantages and one of the disadvantages is that you get sidetracked when you are not married.

”I had to settle down early because I knew what came with the fame. If I was not married then I would have messed a lot, but marriage tamed me. I do not mess around because I am happily married with a family,” Jamal said.

Baby number two

Gadaffi now has a kid and even recently revealed that he’s expecting another.

“It is a good moment for me and my family. She is happy and I am ready to take this step with her a second time. This time around I wanted the privacy, a journey for us two. I am glad,” he explained.

KTN presenter Jamal Gaddafi: I wasn’t caught with someone’s wife

KTN TV host Jamal Gaddafi has been forced to come out to set the record straight after news broke that he had been caught pants down with someone’s wife.

The whole drama started following the tragic death of Jamal’s namesake Jamal Nassor Gaddafi who was stabbed to death by a woman in Mlolongo.

Jamal Nassul Gadafi was stabbed to death on the night of December 11th 2018 following a quarrel with Grace Kanamu Namulo.

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Fake news

Rumormongers couldn’t tell the difference between Jamal Gaddafi (KTN host) and Jamal Nassor Gaddafi (the actor), they concluded that it was the KTN host who had been stabbed to death. They even added a new twist to the story, that Jamal was stubbed because he was caught pants down with someone’s wife.

Jamal Gaddafi (left) and late Jamal Nassor Gaddafi the actor
Jamal Gaddafi (left) and late Jamal Nassor Gaddafi the actor

Jamal was forced to address the false news, he took to social media to set the record straight that he was still alive and that he hadn’t been caught with anyone’s wife.

“Woke up today to some fake news that I have been stabbed to death having been caught with someone’s wife…Think it’s high time bloggers and everyone else who uses social media to spread fake news to be careful of what they publish out there.The deceased shared the same surname as mine & acts in a show in KTN HOME (BabaJunior)thus the mixup.. All in all I’m okay as you can see..and my condolences to the family of JAMAL NASSOR MUNGU AMFUTIE MADHAMBI YAKE yeye Mbele sisi Nyuma. May his soul Rest In Peace.????,” wrote Jamal Gaddafi.




His voice is back! Ommy Dimpoz sings high note after arriving in Nairobi from SA where he underwent esophagus surgery

A fortnight ago, Ommy Dimpoz was flown back to South Africa for treatment after his condition worsened. The Bongo singer was recuperating in Tanzania after undergoing a major surgery in South Africa sometimes in June this year.

The ‘Nai Nai’ hit maker developed serious complications on his throat while attending Alikiba’s wedding in Mombasa. He traveled to South Africa where he went under the knife to have his esophagus rectified.

Ommy Dimpoz recently returned to Tanzania before he was quickly flown back to South Africa after his condition started deteriorating.

Full recovery?

Jamal Gaddafi has confirmed that Ommy Dimpoz has fully recovered, he posted a clip on social media showing how the Tanzanian singer recuperating well in Nairobi.

Jamal stated Ommy could eat, talk, walk, in the video Ommy is seen singing high note. Watch the clip below:



Jamal Gaddafi confirms Joho has bought a French-made chopper that has been flying him all over Mombasa

Hassan Joho has been making headlines for landing at various places within Mombasa city on a chopper. Apparently the flamboyant governor has bought the chopper.

On December 22nd 2017 Joho brought traffic along the Dedan Kimathi Avenue to a standstill when he arrived at a wedding ceremony aboard a chopper.

Joho caused mouths to wag when he was dropped off at the Swahili Center on his chopper to attend a wedding

The Mombasa governor also caused a stir when he landed at Pirates Beach and Mama Ngina during the celebrations to welcome the new year.

Eurocopter 5Y-HLI

Jamal Gaddafi confirmed to SDE that Joho has indeed bought the helicopter that has been flying him all over. Joho’s brand new chopper is a French-made Eurocopter with the registration number 5Y-HLI.

Joho hangs out with Anto Neo-Soul, Akothee , Victoria Kimani and Jamal Gaddafi during a discussion on artist welfare, women issues and how to further cooperation between his government and the industry.

This is why Hassan Joho gifted popular KTN presenter with a wrist watch worth Ksh 250,000

Governor Hassan Joho is said to be a very wealthy man. Besides his money he also happens to be quite famous in the country thanks to his looks.

He is one of the politicians who often give ladies a reason to ogle him on social media. Well, we can’t blame them since we all know that he has a good sense of style when it comes to fashion.

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Away from that, the 001 governor happens to be a friend of many media personalities. However he is very close with KTN presenter Jamal Gaddafi who he has known for a few years now.

Why he was gifted with the watch

In a recent interview with Pulse, the journalist revealed that the most expensive gift he owns was from Joho after he won a fashion award.

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My Hublot watch that went for Sh250, 000. It was a present from my brother Joho after I won the Best Dressed Media Personality award last year.

His relationship with the 001 governor

When asked how close he is to the 001 governor, he added to say;

We are so tight. He is a mentor, a brother and godfather to me. In fact one of my aka is 001junior and at the moment am working with him as chief communications officer.

KTN’s Mzuqa presenter Jamal Gadaffi celebrates his birthday in style (Photos)

Jamal Gadaffi is a proud man to have turned a year older and I thankful to have come this far. For this reason he chose to hold a special thanks giving birthday celebration at the Mama Fatuma Goodwill Children’s home.

From the photos I managed to get seems that this year all he needed was a birthday where he would share food and happiness with the orphaned children who also wish to be in his position someday.

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The Mzuqa presenter also made sure to provide enough snacks and cake that was shared among the lovely children living in Mama Fatuma Goodwill home. This was however a unique move we rarely see our celebrities pull – since many prefer to get drunk with friends at big clubs in the country!

Jama Gadaffi has however won many peoples heart and the photos below show how he spent his birthday!

Jamal Gadaffi ‘s bash

Jamal Gadaffi ‘s bash

Jamal Gadaffi 's bash
Jamal Gadaffi ‘s bash

Jamal Gadaffi ‘s bash

Like father like son: Jamal Gaddafi’s handsome son will leave you craving for a baby boy

Maisha Mzuqa’s host Jamal Gaddafi might be one of the celebrities who like to stay on the low but his social media pages are always full of information about his life off our TV screens.

He is not only handsome but talented and if I am not wrong, a young father who respects his family. Yes…the fella is married and has child with his lovely wife, Alham Feisal – but this does not stop most women from crushing on the fella.

Jamal Gaddafi with his son, Prince Eeyad

Away from that, I recently bumped into a few photos of Jamal Gaddafi’s handsome son that will definitely leave most women craving for a baby. He goes by the name of Prince Eyaad and just like his daddy the young man is a fashion killa who often steps out looking like a star despite being a toddler.

Below are a few photos of the little man….Isn’t he cute!

Jamal Gaddafi’s son

Jamal Gaddafi’s son

Meet Jamal Gaddafi’s younger handsome brother, he is single too!

Truth be told, Jamal Gaddafi is not any average guy. He is not only hard working but one with class, has good taste in fashion and from what I hear…he also has a good personality.

Well, his younger ‘ brother’ who happens to be a male model is also following into his footsteps. He has great taste in fashion and has entrepreneurship skills as he owns a couple of business in the country.

As revealed the young man goes by the name of Habib (Habib_kenya) and from the few photos I managed to get there is no doubt that he has learnt a lot from his mentor who also happens to be his big brother.

He has however been keeping a low profile until Jamal introduced him to his fans. Anyway, below are a few photos of Habib.

“This has been one of the Toughest decisions I have had to make” Jamal Gaddafi call it quits

Jamal Gaddafi has embarked on a new project that compelled him to withdraw from earlier engagements in showbiz.

The KTN presenter quickly climbed the ladder of success to become one of the most sought-after emcees in Kenya. Perhaps his biggest achievement as an emcee was when he hosted Chris Brown concert in Mombasa in October 2016.

Jamal has now called it quits as far as hosting music concerts is concerned. Apparently Jamal is taking on a new challenge which he is yet to reveal.

“I Wanted To Take A Moment To THANK all my FANS for all the SUPPORT you’ve shown Me throughout MY Career. This has been one of the TOUGHEST Decisions I have had to make. It’s time for me to take on a new CHALLENGE and I hope that u will still support me in my next PROJECT. I would also like to express my deep gratitude to each and every one of my COLLEAGUES and FRIENDS in the ENTERTAINMENT Industry who have contributed to my GROWTH as a person and as a professional. I will always be indebted to YOU ?? @shaffieweru @jalangoo @mzaziwillytuva @amina_kenya SALUTE !!!!!! #END_OF_HOSTING_MUSIC_CONCERTS,” Jamal wrote in part.

Jamal however made it clear that he will still be hosting his show on KTN, he has only stopped hosting live music concerts.

“So I close my eyes to old ends And open my heart to new beginnings. BUT MAISHA MZUQA STILL ALIVE wed to saturday ????” Wrote Jamal.

Hassan Joho and Jamal Gaddafi visit the holy city of Mecca (Photo)

Mecca is regarded as the holiest city in the religion of Islam and a pilgrimage to it known as the Hajj is obligatory for all able Muslims.

From what we know is that all Muslims wish to visit the Kaaba (the holy site) before they die and not so many have been privileged to set foot in the holy land. However, this does not make them any different from those who visit since they are equal before God’s eyes.

Well, Hassan Joho and Jamal Gaddafi finally fulfilled their dream after setting foot in Mecca, the center of the Islamic world and the birthplace of both the Prophet Muhammad and the religion he founded.

Jamal shared a photo hanging out with his close friend Hassan Joho and wrote saying,

One of the greatest blessings of my life at the moment. Alhamdulilah again in Mecca!

Judging from what he wrote seems that this is not the first time he set foot in the holy land. Anyway, checkout the photo below;

Steve Mbogo hosts Jamal Gadaffi and Hassan Joho for Iftar at his fancy mansion (Photos)

With the holy month of Ramadan here all Muslim brothers and sisters are now fasting and as usual, enjoy inviting friends and relatives to join them in the evening as they break their fast.

Well, I have managed to bump into a couple of photos showing Steve Mbogo hosting his brother in law, Jamal, Hassan Joho among other friends at his house for Iftar. Ramadan being a special month and one that promotes solidarity and brotherhood Mbogo’s family could not have done it better.

Judging from the photos most of the people who were invited to Mbogo’s house came dressed up in their traditional wear, Kanzu to observe a tradition that has been passed down to different generations thus helping to strengthen ties with many during the special month of Ramadan.

001 junior officially declared by Joho himself…it’s this popular journalist from KTN

It’s official now, we have a 001 junior!

And it’s none other but KTN’s Jamal Gaddafi. In a video that he posted online, Joho looked at the camera and referred to him as 001 junior probably setting up for a life in politics.

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Which begs the question, is he looking to leave this showbiz life and get into politics?

And has Joho just endorsed him to take up things in that region?

I guess only time will tell but in the meantime, check him out in this video he posted on his instagram:



001 Junior ?? sio mimi nimesema @joho_001 #001Jr SALUTE BROTHER

A post shared by ?JTRUMP?♚?MFALME ? (@jamal_gaddafi) on

“My wife is okay with me marrying a second wife” says Jamal Gaddafi as he goes on to reveal how and why he keeps her happy

KTN new presenter Jamal Gaddafi must have the best wife in the world. Asking why? Well, the fella recently shared some shocking details during an interview with Ghafla making many of us believe that he indeed bagged himself the best wife in the world.

Speaking with Ghafla Jamal Gadaffi revealed that he has no0 problem with finding a second wife but what stops him is finance.

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The media personality believes that a man should be able to carter for his woman and that she should not lack anything. If a man feels that he cannot provide everything she needs, then it’s pointless to drag someone’s daughter into an uncomfortable life just because they are capable of marrying a second wife.

He went on to add that his wife actually has no problem with him finding another wife who he can marry before God and his family. Jamal Gaddafi says she prefers this to avoid him getting out with one night stands which is prohibited in Islam.

Well, let us just say that his wife is one of a kind. It is very hard to find a woman who is comfortable with accepting her husband to bring in another woman into their matrimonial home…but as for the KTN news presenter it’s something he can do only after following the right channels.

Checkout the interview below: