Alaaar! Jimal lures his baby mama to Amira’s house for ‘good time’ despite public affair with Amber Ray (Video)

Truth is, we will never get tired of the real housewives of Syokimau.

Well, in case you thought it was only Amira and Amber Ray starring in this drama; then you’re wrong because second baby mama also lives in the same neighborhood; oh God and the polygamous man is having all the fun in the world.

Jimal Rohosafi

Thanks to Edgar Obare’s student we now understand that Jimal has 3 ‘wives’ and Amber who claims to be the second might just be the third wife; or the side chick since Jimal already has Catherine as the second wife and mother to his 2 born son.

Meet the second wife, it’s not Amber

Details linking Jimal to second wife Catherine have emerged after one of Amira’s friends shared CCTV footage; showing how Catherine  sneaked into Amira’s home for some good time with husband.

Catherine walking into Amira’s compound

Frok the footage it’s obvious to see that the lady was uncomfortable and scared of being caught in the first wife’s home. I mean who wouldn’t?

But clearly it’s also clear that Amira and Jimal’s marriage is over and the guy is doing everything in his power to drive off the lady by disrespecting her.

Amber Ray Vs Jimal’s baby mama, Catherine Wangui

Who cheats on Amber the brand?

This also comes as a big surprise especially after realizing that Jimal was also cheating on Amber with the said second wife.

Wait, didn’t Amber tell off Catherine a while back while body shaming her on Instagram?

If I remember well, the Kamba bae went on to insist that Jimal would never marry Catherine; but did she know that he still see’s her?

Well, many may call it disrespect but being a Muslim, Jimal is allowed to marry 4 wives; and so far he seems to have 3 out in the public – meaning one more to go.

Check out the video below.