Mapenzi! Jimal Roho Safi spoils wife, Amira with new expensive gift worth hundreds of thousands (Photos)

We have been told time and time again men will embarrass but for some reason; Socialite Amber Ray chose to ignore these wise words by claiming Jimal Rohosafi as her man forgetting he is married.

Actually I believe she even went ahead to get a tattoo of his name ‘Marlow’ on her back; to prove that their love was for a life.

Jimal Marlow and ex, Amber

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However looks like Jimal is back with his wife after their short separation; and truth is, he is putting in effort to ensure his wife forgets the time he publicly humiliated her by dating socialite, Amber.

Well as seen on his IG stories, looks like Jimal recently gifted wife the latest iPhone 13 pro max released a month ago; and I hear it costs around Ksh 160,000. Lanes.

Tbt; Amira with Jimal

Amira appreciates hubby

Having received such an expensive gift, Amira quickly shared the good news through her gram where she wrote;

They say good things happen to good people. Thank you @Jimal_rohosafi. Am obsessed with my new iPhone 13 pro max


Well, if I was Amira I probably could have done the same; especially, since you know – the whole chako peke yako ni kaburi stunt that left social media talking.

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However we also can’t help but notice how Amira plays safe….doesn’t describe Jimal as bae, hubby, sweetheart or any cute pet names.

Probably because she learnt the hard way that men can embarazzzz you and still find a way to live with themselves.

Anyway don’t know how Amber Ray is doing on the other hand; but with her still rolling around in Jimal’s cars – let’s just say she low key remains on the picture. But, si ni life?