Fatmah Banj Vs Joy Agunjah Vs Hasni Shah: Who is the sexiest video vixen?

Kenyan artists are shooting a lot of music videos lately and this means that the video vixen business is booming.

If you are keen, you’ll notice that there are certain lasses who appear on almost every music video this simply means that that they are in high demand.

I zeroed in on three video vixens whose faces we’ve gotten used to seeing because we would like to know which one among them is the sexiest – all factors considered.

The three are; Fatmah Banj, Joy Agunjah and Hasni Shah.

Fatmah Banj

This lass is causing ripples in the industry with her flawless body and beauty. Some of the videos she’s appeared in include King Kaka’s Dundaing and  Jegede’s My Lover.

Joy Agunjah

This lass has a gorgeous body. Like, really! Some of the music videos she’s appeared in are; Arrow Bwoy’s Lover Man and Otile Brown’s Hi.

Hasni Shah

Most of us  first came to know about this sultry 22-year-old model when she appeared on Khaligraph’s Juu Ya Ngori. In fact, Hasni won the Video Vixen of the Year award at the Pulse Music Video Awards because of her performance in this jam.

Other videos that Hasni has appeared in include; Brown Mauzo’s Mawazo, Masauti’s Mayonli and Country Boy Waona Haya.


That said, who among the three is the sexiest Kenyan video vixen? Tell us below.

Corazon Kwamboka’s sister Joy Agunjah lands major nomination after starring in Otile Brown’s video

Corazon Kwamboka’s younger sister Joy Agunjah, popularly known as Taurean, is on about to make her mark in the showbiz industry after landing a major nomination.

Joy has been nominated for the Video Vixen of the Year in the Pulse Music video awards 2018.  The fast rising socialite took to social media to implore her fans to vote for her to ensure she wins the prestigious award.

Joy Agunjah
Joy Agunjah

“Hey Baddgang ? I have been nominated Vixen of the year at PMVA-18 Plse vote for me and make sure yu vote on all categories to make it count,” wrote Joy Agunjah.


Joy’s big break as a video vixen came when she starred in Otile Brown’s latest song ‘Hi’. The song was released on October 17th 2018 and it has already garnered 1.2 million views on YouTube.

Click the link below to vote for your favourite artistes:



Corazon Kwamboka: It’s ok to clad in skimpy outfits before your parents, you are their daughter or son whether in buibui or naked

Scantily clad Corazon Kwamboka showing off her monster buttocks set tongues wagging when she posted the photo on her Instagram account.

The photo elicited sharp criticisms from fans who thought the bootyful socialite was slipping back to her ratchet ways after breaking up with mzungu lover.


Corazon broke up with her Italian boyfriend after close to a year of dating. She claimed that she just couldn’t manage to cope with long distance relationship.

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It’s ok to show skin

Corazon responded after she was criticized for showing off too much skin. Responding to a fan on IG, the bootyful socialite said the controversial photo would not qualify as inappropriate even if her parents saw it.

She explains that parents should not sexualize their children unless they are perverts. Corazon further claims that a parent should be comfortable even if they see their grown children naked.

“The way they say don’t wear a short dress in front of your dad. Why would it be a problem if your dad is not a pervert? Your parents shouldn’t sexualise you. To them, you are either a daughter or a son whether you are in buibui or naked,” Corazon explained to a fan.

Corazon’s school of thought now explains why everybody in their family is comfortable walking near naked, her sister Joy Agunjah popularly known as Taurean is also notorious for showing too much skin.

Corazon's sister Joy Agunjah
Corazon’s sister Joy Agunjah


Corazon Kwamboka’s sister convince critics she’s not HIV positive after she was exposed as a high end escort

Corazon Kwamboka’s kid sister Joy Agunjah has eliminated all doubts after her HIV status. The young socialite publicly shared the results of her HIV status.

Joy Agunjah was exposed as a high end escort sometimes in January 2017. Leaked conversations showed that she charges 50k for her services.

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HIV free!

Joy Agunjah has convinced her critics she is HIV negative by taking HIV test and publicly sharing the results on social media.

The socialite follows in the footsteps of Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe who have all publicly shared the results of their HIV tests to get critics off their backs.

The results showed by Joy Agunjah clearly shows she is HIV negative.

Joy Agunjah HIV test result


Huddah Monroe sold her Range Rover? D-List socialite flaunts Huddah’s Range Rover and the internet is confused

Huddah Monroe’s Ranger Rover has been seen with another socialite and people are asking questions. It’s not clear whether the SUV is now owned by the sprouting socialite.

KCB 001H is the most iconic Range Rover in Kenya because of Huddah Monroe. The socialite painted her British machine pink but now it’s grey again.

Who is the owner of the Range Rover?

The same KCB 001H Range Rover has been spotted with another socialite Joy Agunjah aka TBaby. The socialite caused tongue to wag when she was seen flaunting the Range Rover which everybody knows is Huddah’s.

It’s not clear whether Joy Agunjah has bought the Range Rover or she’s just showing off Huddah’s SUV.

Joy Agunjah aka TBaby