Jua Cali drops fresh collabo titled ‘Imeweza’ with Sativa (Video)

Veteran musician Paul Julius Nunda, popularly known as Jua Cali, has released a new song with an upcoming singer who goes by the name Sativa or Pedi Wa Barz and it’s getting a lot f love from their fans.

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The song dubbed Imeweza has been ruling the airwaves since it was released a few days ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it or else I would not be here saying good things about it, would I?

Jua Cali

This lass has a good flow. Listening to her kind of reminds me of the early 2000s when the likes of Rat-a-tat & Lady S were the it.

To be honest, I do not know if there is a Kenyan female artist whose lyrical prowess can be compare to that of the two aforementioned artists other than of course, Sativa.

She also has a unique ability to play with words and come up with dope rhymes. Maybe, just maybe. you’ll agree with me after listening to Imeweza.

As expected, Jua Cali also killed it. Anyway, I was not expecting anything less seeing as he’s the one who founded the Genge sound.

Jua Cali
Jua Cali


Apart from the fact that he also has a good flow, he sounds pretty much the same as he did in the early 2000s which means that if you grew up around that time, you’ll have some nostalgia as you listen to this song.

The beat on this jam is also dope. It’s the authentic Genge beat. To add to that, it also blends well with the voices and flow of both Jua Cali and Sativa.

Listen to Imeweza below and tell us what you think.