Julie Gichuru and teenage daughter serving mummy-daughter goals with latest photo

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and truth is – these wise men knew what they were talking; that is judging from Julie Gichuru’s latest photo where she is seen in the company of her firstborn daughter.

As families were busy showing off their Christmas photos; former news anchor Julie Gichiru who is currently working at the Mastercard Foundation as head of PR – also decided to drop a never seen before photo with her daughter.

Throwback; Julie Gichuru with her children

Of course now that she is in her teens, Julie Gichiru’s daughter is slowly learning to be like mummy; and this can be proven in their latest photo that left many tongues wagging on social media.

Julie Gichuru showing off daughter

Through her Instagram page, Julie Gichuru for the first time in almost 5 years; decided to share a photo with her baby girl who looks like both her parents. From how cool the appear we can already tell that she is a fashion killa and one who will turn heads on social media as soon as she is legal.

To caption this new photo Julie Gichuru went on to caption saying;

Julie Gichuru and daughter

Me. Mini me ❤????❤

Indeed she is her mothers twin and if anything, Julie Gichuru and husband highly contributed in the making of their beautiful daughter. Right?