Dondosa by Zzero Sufuri is all about the waist(Audio)

Zzero Sufuri has clearly made a name for himself since the days of “Zmenishika” hit. With a recent successful tour to Dubai, Zzero is back to the Music scene with a new jam  dubbed  “Dondosa”.

Zzero is among the many artist that manage to get their niche in the gengetone  dominated field now. On the other hand his sheng vibe gives him the upper hand in his scope of  music.


Dondosa is a sheng word that means whine your waist-If that is what I got right. In some sense some people say Zzero Sufuri is what was missing in the genge field. Why? This is because the lad posses some flow that many Kenyans would call magical.



Dondosa is a fill good song calling out on people especially ladies to have fun. In addition he showers his girl with praises on how she makes him happy when she whines her waist.

Well, that’s just how it goes.“Si nimekupendaga bana jo ukizitoka Vile huzitoka hunifanya bado nachoka Kwanza ukidondosa unafanya jasho inanitoka Naskia kuzitoka, bila hata kuniogopa….” reads part of the lyrics.

The song is produced by Brayo K Wise who did a beautiful job when it comes to the songs arrangement.The Genge basics intertwined with drum instrumentation of horns and bits of a bass drum, plays all the magic .

For what its worth Zzero did a good job in this jam all we can do wait for the video and see if the visuals will blend with the lyrics.

However from the views on Youtube, the call for support for Kenyan music is still up. Only problem is how fast Kenyans overlook talent but Zzero is clearly one talent not to be forgotten.

In the meantime, I will rate it at 7/10. Tell us what you think after you listen.