Former K24 journalist lands plum government job months after mass firing

If you are good at your job, your skills will sell you and that is not far from the truth for recently axed K24 journalist.

End of June 2020, Mediamax employees could only cry foul after the corporate swept clean its entire newsroom team, from editors, to reporters, to news anchors…they were all shown the door.

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This is after the media house’s previous mass firing in late October 2019 with a solid 160 editorial staff asked to exit and at least 10 editors affected, citing hard economic times.

Mediamax building

Some have had a soft landing including the former K24 Kiswahili managing editor and TV anchor, Franklin Wambugu who has bagged himself a plum role in government.

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Divulging finer details to a local publication, Frank revealed he was now Communications and Public Relations Officer at Kiambu County Government, a role he landed barely 2 weeks ago.

I am here to showcase what Kiambu County has to offer in terms of service delivery especially with it being the second-most populous county and attracts a lot of interest.

Former K24 saa moja co-anchors Franklin Wambugu and Isabella Kituri

Despite his vast experience in the field of communications, Mr Wambugu believed he was here to work with a team of professionals and not to start from scratch.

I am not going there to reinvent the wheel. I am going to work with people who are very talented.

His new role holds him responsible for the formulation, implementation and coordination of Information and Public Communication policies as well as advising on the same.

Media personality Rehema Majala says her journey to become news anchor hasn’t been easy at all

Former K24 news anchor Remmy Majala has opened up about her journey in media saying that it wasn’t a walk in the park.

The media personality confessed that she was really nervous when she joined the news team and didn’t know much about what she was reporting.

“When I first became a News Anchor, I was nervous as hell, coming from an entertainment/lifestyle background being taken seriously was not an easy thing, there were all sorts of notions on how to present yourself and the news items and what was the industry standard,” she said.


Her post comes just weeks after quitting at the Red cross society owned TV station, Switch TV. She left the station and has already taken up a new role with a different organization.

“It wasn’t a walk in the park. I wrote these notes down to remind myself of what I wanted to work on and do to improve my craft because it dawned on me, it’s not really about me, especially when you’re on that screen.” she added. 

“This is an old book I now smile at and realize it’s all in the journey and not really the destination, there’s always something else to be conquered but it’s the life lessons we pick up along the way.”


K24’s Serah Teshna finally hosts International beauty pageant

K24 presenter Serah Teshna first broke news several months ago that she was selected to host the 47th Miss Intercontinental Gala Night, an event that went down in the Philippines during the weekend.

The K24 Alfajiri presenter over the weekend finally got the chance to take control of the stage as host the Gala and she proved that Kenyan has more than enough talent.

Relocated to Philippines

In her post last month, Teshna said that she landed the job after relocating to the Philippines.

“I’m so elated & honored to be hosting The 47th Miss Intercontinental Gala Night in Manila Philippines on 26th January 2019 for the second year in a row. Looking forward sharing this international platform with the very talented Mr. Hector Joaquin from Puerto Rico. Can’t wait,” wrote Teshna.

She confirmed she landed the job in 2018 in an interview with True Love Magazine saying:

“I’ve had many collaborations. Next year will be hosting Miss Intercontinental Pageant in the Philippines in front of about 10,000 people,” She said in an interview with True Love Magazine.

Watch her below:

Another one! K24 presenter Shiko Kaitanny shows off her bulging baby bump(photos) 

In 2018, several media personalities closed their year with an extra baby if not their first. From Joy Doreen Biira, Lillian Muli, Janet Mbugua to Lulu Hassan, prominent media employees welcomed newborns.

It seems 2019 might be the same. K24 presenter Shiko Kaitanny is the already in line.


The sassy presenter took to social media recently to share photos of her bump and she looks so lovely. The maternity dresses she wore on the simple shoot made her glow and gave her a bubbly look.

“Brave face, Bump out & Back to work with a Bang! You can never go wrong with a houndstooth piece in my eyes,” the K24 Alfajiri host captioned the photos.

Here are the photos:


K24 news anchor Ahmed Bhalo bereaved 

K24 news anchor Ahmad Juma Bhalo has revealed that he has lost his father.

In a sad post on social media, the news anchor shared that he lost his dad, who is called Ahmad Juma Bhalo, after a long illness. Bhalo was laid to rest at Wakilindini area in Ganjoni, Mombasa.

Read his prayer below:

“Nasikitika kutangaza kifo cha ami yangu, babangu na somo yangu (yeye ndiye aliyenipa jina Ahmad), Ustadh Ahmad Nassir Juma Bhalo maarufu Malenga wa Mvita kilichotokea mapema leo mtaani Kuze, Mombasa. Ustadh Juma Bhalo aliaga dunia baada ya kuugua maradhi ya mapafu kwa muda. Atakumbukwa na wapenzi wa lugha teule ya Kiswahili kutokana na mchango wake kupitia tasnia ya utunzi wa mashairi uliyompelekea kutwikwa vyeo vya Ustadh na Malenga. Mwendazake ataswaliwa kesho (Alhamisi) msikiti TSS Ganjoni baada ya swala ya alasiri na kuzikwa katika maziara ya Wakilindini eneo la Ganjoni, Mombasa. Allah amuweke pahali pema peponi. Ameen,” read the emotional post.


TV station forced me to wear wigs- News anchor Sharon Macharia

Former K24 TV news anchor Sharon Macharia has said that she was forced to put on wigs during her stint at the station since her hairstyle was considered inappropriate.

On social media, Macharia, who now works for BBC, said that her Afro hairstyle was rejected and she had to put on a wig every time she was on TV.

“When I worked at a local TV station, I was told I couldn’t present the news in my Afro coz it was “inappropriate” I had to wear weaves basically. Well now, I’m presenting a show on @BBCAfrica, wearing my AFRO in all its “inappropriate” glory. #TheSheWord @CiruMuriuki.” she said on social media. 



Ciru Muriuki, who is also a BBC employee, said that she was asked to cut down her dreadlocks at one point.

“I was asked to cut my locs by a boss. I didn’t. Opportunities continued to pass me by at that station. I finally left and now I work at the BBC with my four-year-old UNCUT locs,” Ciru wrote and when a fan asked her if K24 was the station in question she replied with “K24 took a chance on me and I’ll be forever grateful to them.”

Did TV bosses ‘punish’ Ciru Muriuki for having dread locs? She claims so

Talk about you hairstyle being used against you.

Sometime back, having dread locs was considered a sign that you are a criminal and involved in a lot of ungodly things.

It seems that era has not yet faded completely.

Former NTV The Trend host Ciru Muriuki has come out to hint that her hairstyle was a major reason why she never got better opportunities at Nation Media.


The TV host, who now works at BBC, claimed that bosses ignored her when it came to promotion and opportunities after they requested her to shave and she rejected.

“I was asked to cut my locs by a boss. I didn’t. Opportunities continued to pass me by at that station. I finally left and now I work at the BBC with my four-year-old UNCUT locs,” Ciru said on social media.

Fans wanted to know which station she was talking about. Some believed it was K24, where she moved after NTV but Ciku said that K24 gave her an opportunity.

 “K24 took a chance on me and I’ll be forever grateful to them.” she said. 

Yet another K24 news anchor quits

It seems the mass media movements of employees is still in action as yet another K24 news anchor has called it quits at the MediaMax owned station.

Michelle Morgan recently took to social media to share that she’ll be no longer part of the media house after working at the station for almost two years now.

“Last night was my last bulletin at K24. Its been an awesome experience. Such incredible friendships formed. Onto the next chapter in my life #adventure time” shared Michelle Morhan on  social media.

Nothing personal

It’s not the first time Morgan has handed in her resignation in a top media house. The sassy presenter has started out at Citizen TV, went to Ebru before joining K24 TV.

“As you know at Citizen TV I did business news which was not really my passion. So I was confined to an area that I was not passionate about. And I expressed a desire to move away from that but there were no opportunities. Although is the most established station, I was unhappy there because I was doing something that was not making me happy.” She said in 2015.

“I resigned as a news anchor at K24 in a very positive light. It was a very amicable separation. In my career as a news anchor, I cultivated love and passion for outdoor activities. It is what I love. I love adrenaline, I love extreme activities and this is the next chapter.” She said on XOA’s YouTube channel.

Watch Job Mwaura sing Bahati’s song to wife Nancy during their second wedding (video) 

K24 Swahili news anchor Nancy Onyancha and editor Job Mwaura walked down aisle in an exquisite white wedding ceremony last weekend. The wedding was their second after the couple did a traditional one almost 8 months ago.

The wedding was was low-key and was not surrounded by hype and social media posts like most other celebrity weddings. K24 Business anchor Zawadi Mudibo was among the first to inform Kenyans that the two had exchanged vows.

Bravo to my two great friends @nancyonyanchaand @joabmwaura you are now one! Mr. & Mrs. Joab Mwaura. Welcome to the club and may the good lord bless your union. So humbled to be a part of this great moment in your lives,” read Zawadi’s post.


Mwaura also sang Bahati’s song to her lovely wife after exchanging the vows.

Bahati performed in the wedding and was among the few celebrities who made an appearance. Fans were impressed of how Maura knew Bahati’s lyrics. He even joked that he’s ready to join his record label.

Watch the video below:


 Ian Wafula: BBC rejected me four times before picking me 

The recent mass media movement has seen media employees switch media houses this year more than any other.

Former K24 news anchor Ian Wafula is among those who switched station after moving to British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) which has been poaching journalists at a high rate.

His move, however, was not easy. He recently confessed that he was rejected four times by the giant media house before they picked him.

“New chapter. Looking forward to starting soon at the BBC as Broadcast Journalist, News Review. I’d like to call it my new home but it’s bigger than that, the next step in my career. I’ve seen God’s manifestation in this process having been rejected 4 times after endless tests and grueling interviews. What’s yours is yours, at the right time,” said Wafula on social media.


He went on to thank Larry Madowo who pushed him to reach for greatness and never settle for less.

“Thanking my family and close friends for standing by me.Special thanks to @larrymadowo for the three challenging words “You deserve better” that took me off my comfort zone to yearn for greater opportunities” shared Ian Wafula.


Yet another K24 news anchor quits after landing lucrative deal 

With five more months to go, the year 2018 has gone into the books as one that experienced the most movement from all Kenyan media house employees.

Presenters and anchors have been leaving stations left right and center as they go for greener pastures and other reasons. K24 news Anchor Ian Wafula is the latest news anchor to ditch his media house.


It’s not clear where he’s headed but word has it that he got a lucrative deal from BBC.On Instagram he posted the message alerting his followers that his time at the station was done.

“Last day @k24tv. It has been a great 3 years hosting Alfajiri, The Daily Brief and covering 2017 Elections. Great team turned family. Looking forward to my next move. Soon.” shared Ian Wafula.

In December 2015, Wafula parted ways with KTN where he had started as an intern and joined K24 to host Alfajiri alongside Amina Abdi.

Abdi later moved to NTV to replace Larry Madowo on the Trend. Wafula’s announcement comes just days after fellow news anchor Maya Hayakwa left the station.

K24’s news anchor Maya quits, leaves Kenyans with this lovely message 

Maya Hayakwa is one of the popular news anchors in Kenya, not forgetting how she leaves many Kenyans’ mouths watering due to her exotic beauty which can be attributed to her Japanese-Kenyan roots.

Sadly, we won’t we seeing her on our screens any more. At least not at K24.

The news anchor posted a message on Instagram alerting her fans that she has resigned from the station.

Next chapter

She wrote, “Today marks my last day here at K24Tv. This is a picture taken when I first joined in 2015. The last 3 years have been the best of my life. Forever humbled and grateful to have gotten a chance to work with the most incredible team. It’s been an amazing three year journey!


“I will miss everyone dearly. I’d like to thank my viewers for growing with me and supporting me throughout this journey. I am also so grateful to the entire Mediamax Network Family for the opportunity. I will forever keep you all in my heart! God is great! I have seen his hand all through. ❤”

K24 news anchor flaunts her str!pper pole dancing skills (video)

It’s been almost a year now since Kaz Lucas started practicing pole dancing and, things aren’t looking so good. She’s still struggling. But not her friend, K24 news anchor Michelle Morgan.

The two ladies recently decided to showcase their pole moves but they honestly still need some work, especially Kaz, who has shared several clips on social media as she aims to become a master at the erotic dance.

“T.H.I.S??G.I.R.L!! For whatever reason the universe keeps yo-yoing us back into each others lives, it’s definitely on the right track. I love the times we share so much @michellemorganke and appreciate our deep understanding of feminine and sexual power. To forever being pole buddies and buddy buddies. Love you forever!!” said Kaz.

Arial Yoga

For Mogan, she left many impressed since she hasn’t been posting clips practicing. She has however posted several clips doing Arial yoga on her social media accounts.



“Vijana tuwachane na Pombe!!” K24’s Riddim Vybz MC Fullstop narrates how alcohol almost robbed him off his life

Alcohol is good for the body but when abused and K24’s Riddim Vybz MC Fullstop can tell you this for free. The fella who hosts the reggae show a few hours ago opened up about how he almost lost his life due to alcohol which he was using excessively.

Through his gram the MC shared a photo from 2015 to show his fans some of the struggles he faced after his liver failed. According to him, at that time he was jobless and those close to him started spreading fake rumors about his condition.

He goes on to add that God gave him another chance and this is why he is urging the youth to avoid alcohol which will end up destroying them, if not careful. Even with the second chance he still has to stay on medication since he ended up with Diabetes and thing have not been easy for him. He wrote saying,

Mc Fullstop
Mc Fullstop

#TBT 2015/2016 jobless for over 2 years when they spread fake rumors and tried to replace me #istoodalone #warrior #hero mtoto wa Muthoni still standing strong kama lion. I always thank God for giving me another chance. Vijana tuwachane na Pombe!! #liverinflamation #diabetes #insulin

Those thinking it’s alcohol is a joke, then there you have it!