Kamene Goro finally reveals whether or not she is smashing radio presenter Andrew Kibe

Radio presenter Kamene Goro this past weekend gave her fans a chance to ask her any questions through a Q and A session on her Instagram page.

Being one talkative lady who also happens to be quite open, Kamene Goro’s fans did not waste this opportunity as they went all in with the burning questions they needed her to answer.

Well, going through the posts I managed to come across an interesting question where one  fan wanted to inquire whether Kamene Goro has ever been intimate with cohost Andrew Kibe.

Kamene Responds

This not being the first time fans are speculating about Kamene and Kobe’s relationship; the lady finally decided to address this matter once and for all.

In a post uploaded on her IG story, Kamene Goro went on to deny ever sleeping with Kibe or having any romantic relationship. She wrote saying;

Kamene’s post

In yet another post she went on to add saying;

Kamene: My man was cheating but my female friends begged me to stay with him 

Radio presenter Kamene Goro has revealed that sometimes female friends are the ones who mislead a woman when she’s caught up in an ugly situation.

Goro was speaking in an interview with True Love, where she revealed that some time ago her man was cheating but her friends asked her to stick with him.

“Women contribute to each other’s suffering by misleading each other. He cheated on me till I tried suicide yet I was still being told to hang on. Hang on to what? What kind of role model are you to your daughters when that is the standard you are setting?” she told True Love.


Kamene Goro

She added that this are some of the reasons why people end up depressed because you are styaing with someone you don’t love.

“Towards the end of my marriage I was depressed. I popped about 70 sleeping pills to end it all. But just when I started to feel woozy, I heard a still voice asking, do you not trust me handle this for you. Thankfully there was an AAR a few doors from where I lived. I drove myself there and got my stomach pumped,” she said. 

She added:

“The kids will be messed up if you stay despite the cheating, the beating and him not providing. You owe it to them to give yourself better life. Only one woman told me I didn’t deserve that kind of treatment and if I loved myself I should leave. That was five days before the relationship ended.” 

The long wait is over! Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe to finally get back on air at KISS 100

Former NRG radio presenters, Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro are finally free to resume their pending mic duties after unending push-and-pull in and out of court rooms.

The popular breakfast show hosts faced a massive blow after exiting their former home, NRG without due consent and legal procedures as stipulated in their agreed contract.

They woke up one day and told management that they were leaving,” said the source. They informed the company of their leaving on a Tuesday and left three days later. Their notice was supposed to be one month. The non-compete details that the two would have spent sometime off-air to give the station some time to reorganize their strategy and look for replacements

Just when they were getting bigger and better, they were slapped with court orders that barred them from going on air until the matter was legally settled to NRG’s satisfaction.

Well, it must now be their delight and that of their fans to be graced with the opportunity to take up their gig at their new home, KISS 100.

Speaking to EDaily yesterday, their show presenter, Xtian Dela revealed that the duo and their former employer, NRG had a closed-door meeting where a common agreement was reached.

An out-of-court settlement that saw neither of the parties dig into their pockets nor incur any damages. Xtian further disclosed:

We are going on air on Monday.

It now clocks a good 2 months since the two presenters were to begin their formal employment at Kiss 100 but well, they are finally here.