Outrage after radio station ranks Miracle baby and Swat as better rappers than Khaligraphs Jones (full list)  

Homeboyz Radio is currently trending for the wrong reasons after compiling a list ranking the best rappers in Kenya.

Through their hip-hop show the Jump off, the station has ranked all the rappers in Kenya and some people are not happy at all.

Khaligraph Jones with girlfriend, Georgina Muteti


Kenyans wondered why new artists such as Swat of Ethics, Ochungulu Family and Miracle Baby of Sailors were topping the list while respected artists Khaligraph Jones were not even in the top 20. Some wondered even why Timmy Tdat was on the list.

Everything about the list looked wrong but in Kenya, we are now used to it.

“Homeboyzradio This is #THEJUMPOFF Top 50 Kenyan Rappers List officially from Kenya’s Hiphop Authority 
@corineonyango and @jinxlike on @homeboyzradio,” the station posted. 

mickey_the_don_ Joke of the year, Timmy ako kwa list but umeacha Chris kantai, K-Shaka, Wenyeji, Wakamba Wawili, MC Kah, Mashifta, G-rongi, Ukoo Flan Msa the likes of Nguchi P, Chiznbrain, Alai Kenti, Sharama, P.O.P, Lavosti, FUJO Makelele, Cannibal, R.I.C aka Jinamizi, Labalaa, Dr. Dunga????????????????????

ibrahimovichassla This list is bullshit…..do ur homework then get back to us

big_16_october Yani OG ako top 10 africa lakini kenya mnamueka chini ya SWAT. Esir?

Challenge? Khaligraph Jones dares fans with a Cardi B collabo

Khaligraph Jones alleges he is working with Cardi B as he strikes at King Kaka just hours after his song debut with Cassidy with his new ¨Kovu challenge¨ to fans.

Papa Jones has been referring to himself as ¨Mr International¨ citing that his music is on another level, only out to make collabos with the International market.

According to him, the local music industry is not his place anymore.


Up on his ¨Kovu challenge¨, the Kenyan rapper dares fans who think King Kaka´s collabo with Cassidy is fly, because they haven´t seen his own storm coming.

Apparently, he reveals that he is up to do a collabo with Cardi B.


The influential Kenyan rapper´s recent anthem was supposedly directed abroad sharing:

Big Shoutout to Director Jeffadair Films from Dallas Texas for the Mad SUPERMAN Visuals.

This was the 3rd verse Set.


Up with another mystery challenge, the award-winning artist expresses:

In my next post am gonna give y´all a simple challenge that could earn you 10K today.

We will be doing that for the next 5 days so keep on watching Superman On You Tube.


Previously, the ¨Mazishi¨ hitmaker received a blow from Jalang´o who felt that top Kenyan rappers, needed to organize a concert and fairly compete on stage:

What are you sharing.

The only thing fans want to be shared is a Mic for and Octopizzo, King Kaka and Nyashinski.

And perform together on stage so we can decide who is the real king.


However, the Kenyan rap Lord clapped hard back at the comedian referring to renowned International stars, the likes of Jay Z, as his only competition.

That is a competition for local artistes.

And I am not one of them.

My competitors are the likes of Jay Z and other international rappers.


Furthermore, in his defense for sharing Octopizzo´s music, he expressed:

The reason I shared Octopizzo music is that as an international artiste, you need to support local talents.

Funny thing is how Khaligraph came out loud in a campaign that sought to have Kenyan music promoted on the motherland.