Weuh! Cashy shares Mpesa receipts showing how much child support Khaligraph Jones has paid in 2 years!

Rapper Cashy who doubles up as a law graduate and mother of one has been on a roll exposing her baby daddy Khaligraph Jones for neglecting son, Xolani.

Apparently Khaligraph Jones has not only been avoiding his son; but even when sick, the rapper still chooses not to be active in his son’s life. So far Cashy has been demanding money for insurance inorder for their son to receive health care whenever he may fall sick.

Well, away from that Cashy is back with an Mpesa statement showing the amount she has since been received from Khaligraph Jones. Looking at the statement, it appears that Khaligraph only sent her money twice and that is 5k and 7k.

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Cashy exposes baby daddy

Khaligraph Jones sidelining son?

Although it is evident that baby Xolani is Khaligraph Jones son; Cashy went on to use the Mpesa statement as evidence to prove that their had been communication before the rapper disappeared.

In the detailed statement, Cashy makes it known that she is not fighting for a spot in the rappers life; but she only wants her son to be treated the same as his sister, Amali. She went on to write;

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However, this a matter that will only be solved behind closed doors and not on social media.

Tuma kitu khali! Meet Khaligraph Jone’s handsome son (Photos)

Khaligraph Jones and ex Cashy did not really break up 2 years ago as revealed.This is because the two apparently have a 2 year old son, Xolani; whose paternity  they chose to keep on the low until this past weekend.

As seen on Miss Cashy’s instagram page, the lady seems to decided to take the rapper to court following child support issues. Turns out that Khaligraph has not been stepping in for his son who now needs medical attention; and from cashy’s post Khaligraph never got health insurance for him.

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This undeniably came as a big surprise since not many were aware about the two having a child together. The last time we checked, Cashy went on to reveal that she had parted ways with her baby’s father. But little did we know that she was talking about the Tuma kitu hitmaker.

Khaligraph Jones son

Now that he is 2 years baby Xolani continues to take after his daddy Khaligraph Jones. So far we have managed to get a few photos from Cashy’s page; and for those who haven’t met little Jones before – then meet the handsome baby boy below.

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Baby Xolani
Miss Cashy with son, Xolani
Khaligraph Jones baby mama, Cashy